Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Birthday Boy

About a month ago, my oldest son turned 7.  I had all kinds of grand plans to post pictures of his birthday much sooner than this, but you know.  (If you don't, just read the post right before this one.)  Anyway, his birthday fell smack-dab in the middle of the craziest part of t-ball, but since I had already told him he would not be having a party this year, it was okay.  Plus, Jerry's parents made a trip down to watch t-ball games, so they were here for his birthday, which is a rare treat.  On Aaron's birthday, we let him choose where to eat his birthday dinner (he chose Colter's) and went to the Flight Museum at Dallas Love Field Airport.  Both sets of grandparents joined us for the whole outing, so it was lots of fun and extra special for Aaron.

(Aaron posing in front of an actual space suit worn on a space flight with his map.  This kid has a thing for maps...)

One of the planes at this museum is a fighter jet that has the ejection seat out and on the floor so guests can sit in it and see what it feels like.  Of course all three boys wanted a turn in the seat.  Don't they look cute?  Maybe we have three future aviators in the family!

(Aaron looks to happy to be about to eject for 10,000 feet...  But the way he is gripping onto the sides for dear life gives him away!)

(Andrew has no idea what the big deal is about, but he's really happy to be doing what his big brothers are doing.)

(Ethan's turn!)

Or maybe an aviation mechanic.

(Aaron checks out the under side of a plane.)

After the museum, we went for dinner then back to our house for presents and cupcakes.  Aaron really wanted a huge, 1,200 piece Lego set that was a ridiculous amount of money, so we combined our gift with two of his grandparent's gifts to get it for him.  I've never seen a kid happier!  But, of course I forgot to take a picture. He used the leftover birthday money he had to order Lego Bricklayer magazine, which comes with a small Lego set mailed to your house six times a year.  He got the first one last week and was thrilled!  Of course, I don't have a picture of that either. :)

After presents came cake.  Here's the birthday boy with his cupcake and candle.

I think I finally found an allergy friendly cupcake recipe that everyone likes.  The stuffed mouths and messy faces are signs of approval to this mom!


Happy belated birthday to Aaron!  I couldn't be happier that he is my son.


Joanna said...

My favorite part is the Joann's coupon mailer there in the one picture. YEAH!

Just kidding. He's really growing up into a handsome young man. Love the pictures!!!!

Johanna said...

I cannot believe that you even noticed the Joann mailer! I had to go back and look for it in the pictures!

Joanna said...

I notice the important things in life, don't you know?

Lawanda said...

Aww Happy Birthday to your boy :)