Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mini Post

  • I broke my toe last week.  It still is quite painful when I wear shoes, but is almost pain-free without shoes.
  • I exercised today for the first time in forever, broken toe and all.  I think the toe actually helped me because normally I tend to start exercising with too much gusto, end up injuring myself, and have to take another month to recover before starting the whole process over again.  Smart, huh?
  • My kids are in VBS all week this week.  Why, then, am I the one who is so tired I could fall into bed and sleep for a week?
  • Both my kids invited friends from their T-ball teams to go to VBS with them.  I love watching them want to share their love for Jesus with others!  I don't even mind the extra driving to pick up and drop off two extra kids this week to foster that mindset!
  • I have had a half finished post showing more kitchen progress for almost a week now.  I'd love to say I'll have it up tomorrow, but I know better. ;)
  • Our blackberries, the one plant we've had success with in the garden, are dying.  The only bright note to this sad story is that I think through trying to figure out why the berries are suddenly dying we've figured out why we cannot grow anything in this yard - our soil is infested with more roly-poly bugs than you can imagine!  Now I have to figure out how to kill doodle bugs.
  • We got new phones last week.  I am loving being able to text, check facebook from my phone, and take great pictures with my phone.  However, they sent me a defective one, so I have to exchange it.  The battery on mine dies within 4 hours of a full charge, even when I am not using it!  The store tested the battery for me, and it is fine, which means I managed to get a defective phone.
  • When my grandmother was visiting last week, she was playing "Sorry" with my kids.  After beating them pretty soundly three times in a row, Aaron asked her, "Great-Grandma, what game are you really bad at?"  Ha!  I guess now I know why my whole family is super competitive.  It has been handed down for many generations now!

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Joanna said...

Even being kicked in the face by a horse, I have never broken a bone in my life. I must have bones of steel, right? Although, sometimes I still wonder about my foot. It still hurts a bit but only when I touch it roughly or stretch it wrong.

Roly polies, eh?