Sunday, June 20, 2010

He's a big boy officially now, folks.  That's right.  Gone is the high chair, and Drew-Drew has joined us at the table.  You cannot tell in this picture since he is focused only on eating his applesauce, but he is very, very happy about this new turn of events.  His high chair is still out waiting for a cool morning to put it up in the attic, but he ignores it and goes right to his booster seat when it is time to eat.  I have to say that it feels really good to have our entire family of five at the table for meal time.


Joanna said...

Isn't that nice! I love having the whole family at the dinner table!! For some reason Anna still wants to chunk herself over the side of the chair.

And by the way, since Anna is about the age that Andrew was when you guys came, I have to tell you that Anna doesn't have any more words than Andrew did. I don't know what you're dr. was talking about.

Johanna said...

I wasn't ever really worried about his number of words since I knew for sure he understood what we were saying to him! Now he has a lot more words. Of course, he usually only says the first syllable of each word so other people don't always understand him, but we know exactly what he is saying!

Anonymous said...

Markus has been joining us in the high chair (instead of a bouncy seat next to the table) lately, even though he's not eating yet. I think he loves the new perspective and feeling like he's more part of the family.