Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Savory Surprises

I had a great birthday surprise recently.  I went out to get the mail, and this box was sitting at my front door!  When I was visiting Joanna a couple months ago, she and I had a conversation about onions in which I shared my *love* of onions.  I put onions in everything I can, and I tried my best to introduce Joanna to my favorite way to eat them: roasted!  Anyway, I guess I made an impression on Joanna with this conversation, because she ordered these lovely Vidalia onions from Georgia for me!  I have really enjoyed them.  They are perfectly sweet without losing their bite. Mmmmmm.  I only have four left, and I am rationing them!

Thanks, Joanna!  You're the best.


Johanna said...

Okay, so this post isn't much, but it's a start in the right direction! And a yummy start at that!

Joanna said...

YOU ONLY HAVE FOUR LEFT???!!!! Wow, you really do like onions!! But I'm really glad you like them. Having hated onions all my life, I have really come to appreciate Vidalias. They're the perfect balance: not sweet, not biting. It's always sad when the Vidalia onion season ends.

A couple of times last year I sauteed a Vidalia in butter with a little salt and pepper to put on steak. Oh my gosh, SO GOOD. So I was really horrified when my dad didn't like all those onions smothering his steak and he threw away some. There were a lot of onions but DANG!! They were GGOOOOOOOD!

Marie said...

Wow! You must REALLY like onions :) Lately I've liked them a lot just fried in butter with potatoes for breakfast. Yum!

Lawanda said...

YUMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! I love onions too! I think that means we could live together without being offensive to one another, huh? ;) hehe