Saturday, June 16, 2012

Family Time

We have been focused on doing a few special things with our boys before leaving for China, and today we surprised them by going to the Legoland Discovery Center! They were ecstatic! All week they knew that as soon as Jerry got home from his business trip, we were leaving for a surprise, but we wouldn't give them any hints or details.  It drove them INSANE. :)  As we pulled into the parking lot at Grapevine Mills, Aaron spotted the sign first and about lost it he was so excited!

Life-sized Dirk!

In front of the Lego version of Texas Stadium.  This other boy and his father both saw me trying to take their picture, but didn't bother to get out of it...

Andrew had the most fun building towers with these giant blocks and going down that slide in the background about 74 times!

When Jerry's parents heard we were taking the boys here, they gave Jerry some money for the gift shop.  We let Andrew pick something out (knowing he would choose something small) and let the other two split the remaining funds.  They got a nice pile of loot - Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!!

The bag from the gift shop was bigger than Aaron! 

For lunch, we hit the food court so we could all be happy with our food.  I decided to get in the swing of things and go with Asian food - Mmmm.  Okay, so it is Japanese, not Chinese - but it was so yummy.

I also found something I *love* in the gift shop.  Last month, I resorted to buying the ugly white and black salt and pepper shakers that are in every greasy spoon restaurant in the South because my children have broken multiple salt or pepper shakers and I was tired of replacing nice, expensive shakers.  When I saw these, I knew the solution had been found.  Aren't they awesome??


Marie said...

I haven't been on FB for a while so I'm glad you're updating the blog! WOW!! That is incredibly exciting that you are going to China next week!! I'm looking forward to seeing pictures! I'm so excited and happy for you that you are finally able to get Hannah! YAY!!

Johanna said...

Thanks, Marie! It seems like so long ago since I first posted on this blog that we had applied to adopt! I cannot wait to show you pictures of me with my baby girl!

Marie said...

It's so exciting that this is your first girl! I mean, boys are great, but as a female, having a little girl is so much fun! And it's fun to see how different daddy's are with little girls.