Friday, June 8, 2012

We're Going to China!!

I cannot believe that the time has actually come for me to announce that we officially have travel dates to go to China to adopt Hannah!!!!!  I am so excited! We will be flying out to Beijing on June 20.  We will spend the first few days in Beijing touring and adjusting to the time change and the culture, etc.  On June 24, we will fly to Zhengzhou, China, which is the capital of the province Hannah is from.  It is in this city that we will receive Hannah and also register her adoption with the local government.  While in Zhengzhou, we will also be travelling to her home town, Kaifeng City, to apply for her Chinese passport.  She will travel home on a Chinese passport under her Chinese name.  After we receive her passport, we will travel to Guangzhou, where the US Consulate is located.  We have an appointment scheduled at the Consulate for July 5 (which happens to be our 15th wedding anniversary) to get Hannah's visa and sign all the documents for her US citizenship.  We will take an oath (I assume for her citizenship??) on that day as well.  We will get her visa on July 6 and are able to fly home as early as July 7!

For the last few weeks, we have been placing various flights to Beijing on hold using our airline miles, so we have a flight to Beijing set to go.  However, as of right now, there are absolutely no flights available back home on the dates we have been given using miles.  We would really like to fly on miles and not have to pay for 3 one-way tickets home.  Would you please be praying that something opens up using miles very soon?

As I get more information, I will post it here! It is hard to believe that this process is actually almost over.  Whew! What a wild ride!


Alvarez Family said...

Thank you for sharing! Just catching up on blogs today and am really praising the Lord with you.

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