Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This post could also be titled, "Nothing's Gonna Hold Me Down." Yesterday was perhaps one of the worst days we've had in a long time.

Jerry got to work to discover that the server controlling the company's network is down.  Completely toast.  He spent all day working on solutions and got nowhere. Until it is fixed, our company has no internet, e-mail, or access to their production software.

I completely aggravated an injury to my shoulder and found out that I sprained the tendon connecting my clavicle and shoulder - also called a separated shoulder.  I saw a chiropractor who specializes in sports injury (this was originally an injury from lifting weights) and he adjusted it and taped it and gave me a pain relief regimen to follow.  This morning I started having an allergic reaction to the tape.

The kids are emotionally struggling as our departure approaches.  Jerry and I are, too.  There were many tears in this house yesterday, and Andrew is throwing a fit about every. single. thing.

But you know what? Setbacks, or no, I know for sure that we are supposed to be doing exactly what we are doing.  I feel a peace that whether it is all sorted out before we leave tomorrow, it will all work out.  This morning when I was taking my kids to VBS, we were listening to a CD that we got from Children of the World, a division of World Help that we have supported.  The CD has kids - orphans - from Uganda, the Philippines, and Nepal singing amazing songs of worship.  On the way home, the 4th song on the CD started and a huge smile spread across my face. It is one of my favorite songs from the CD and just what I needed to hear.  If you ever have a bad day, you need this song.  Watch it.  Giggle at how precious these children are, and remember that they are orphans who have had days so bad that I don't even want to imagine.  Even so, watch the joy they have and let it seep into your soul, too.


Grandma said...

I can totally see how that song edifies you at this point in your lives! NOTHING's gonna hold you down! Praying and trusting God that ALL things work together for HIS good to those who love Him - and you do!

Marie said...

Very cute video! I'm sorry to hear about the server and your shoulder though. Although, it's really fortunate that it didn't happen a few days later while you are in China!! I'm sure the next two weeks or so will be filled with so many emotions and I look forward to hearing about how everything is settling down and falling into place :)