Saturday, June 16, 2012

Preparing the Kiddos

I think our trip to China will be hard on the kids.  Aaron and Ethan can at least understand that we will be coming back in 18 days and have some concept of what that means, but Andrew will need some help with that.  To help them all, and especially Andrew, I had them make a paper chain.  I wrote the date on one side of each strip and how many days until we are home on the other side, then I let the kids decorate them with stickers.  Aaron stapled them all together, and now they can take a chain off every day and Andrew can see the chain get shorter and shorter until we are home with Hannah!
Andrew took his job very seriously!

Aaron was all business.

Ethan tried to see just how many stickers he could fit on each one!

They were all excited about this! I sure hope it is fun and helps them!

We are also writing notes to the boys, one for each day, that talk about what we will be doing and asking them about things we know they have planned.  I've even wrapped up some presents for them to get on many of the days we are gone.  Nothing major, but a few books from Half Priced Books, gum, balloons, candy, etc.  I think these things will help them with our absence, and create special memories for them of this time!

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