Thursday, June 14, 2012


It has been a whirlwind of activity here since we got our travel dates. Here's a look at what I have been doing...  I have been at Target every day, I think, buying things we still need for our trip! I have set out all of Hannah's things, ready to pack and I have started pulling aside things of ours to pack, too.

Jerry was able to book a return flight for us, but he was unable to use miles to do it.  We found a flight on, though, that was a better schedule than any others we could find.  The price of this flight kept jumping all over the place, which was very stressful! When it jumped down at one point, we decided to just buy it to be done with the craziness.

We signed papers for Hannah's orphanage to start the process of applying for her Chinese passport, too.  The fact that they requested this information from us means they know Hannah is being adopted, yet they still haven't sent us any updated information on her.  Even though I know I will have her in my arms in just over a week, I still am nearly desperate to get pictures or hear new information about her.  They still haven't sent her medical papers from her surgery in April. ::sigh::  Soon enough I will know, I guess.

I have also made an appointment for her first pediatrician visit, and scheduled for our social worker to come July 27 for our one month post adoption visit (required by China).

I have made a packet of information for all the people keeping the kids while we are gone, and I have put together gifts and letters for the kids to get while we are gone.  I finished painting art to go in Hannah's room and will frame it all today.  I would like to start making Hannah a blanket today, too, but it will depend on whether I finish a few other more necessary tasks!

At noon today, I have a conference call with my travel group (I think there will be 4 other families traveling with us) and our adoption agency to go over travel details.  I am hoping to get a more clear idea of what we will be doing each day.

I'm sorry this post is full of short, choppy sentences and has no pictures, but this is basically how my brain is working right now! :) I will start taking pictures of Hannah's finished room soon!!  But I must say, God is so very good.  Even though I have not had a moment to stop since getting these dates, and there is still so much to do, I feel at peace and I am not freaking out like I was last Friday.  I know this is from God, because the circumstances around me haven't changed, but the peace and attitude within me has.  It is so hard to believe that 21 years after God told me I would have a daughter from China, over 4 years since we started the process to adopt, and almost 3 years waiting on China, we are just 6 days from flying to Beijing and 12 days from having Hannah in our arms forever.

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