Wednesday, May 7, 2008

God Hears Your Petition

Have you seen Jenni's post on homeschooling today? How did she know that I would need to hear that, this week of all weeks? I cried.


Johanna said...

That is really good to hear. Sometimes I tend to think that all of these really large families must have something I just don't have. There are days I struggle to homeschool one, much less 5, 7, or 9! But I do know that much of what I do is only by God's grace. How should this be any different?

Johanna said...

Oh, and did you see my name there again? Woo-hoo! I'm becoming a One Thing regular!

Joanna said...

I DID see that. I was so proud.

After I read that, I felt a burden lifted for some reason. Especially the last paragraph; I thought that was lovely!