Friday, May 16, 2008

Larry, Curly or Moe...That's a Tough One

What a circus this election is. All the candidates are making idiots of themselves, saying dumb things and pandering to every demographic they can, no matter how much it contradicts what they just said yesterday. It's insane. Thinking It Out and Writing It Down has found the single best description of our choices for president that I've seen yet. Check it out.


Marie said...

Isn't that how every election is? I think the democrats are the worst this year though. They've got their party divided and I can't see how it's possible either one will win. I think I'll vote for Nader :)

Lawanda said...

That pic fits perfectly. Yes, I think the presidential election is like this every time. *ho hum*

I am still voting for Ron Paul ;)

Johanna said...

I'm kinda already over this election. I enjoy watching the dems self-implode at times, but other than that, I'm over it.