Tuesday, May 13, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about vaccines lately because of all the controversy surrounding them. I haven't even begun to talk to Del about it because I just don't know which way to go: vaccinate or don't vaccinate. Anyway, I just happened across this blog which had a link to this. I noticed that under MMR, M-R-Vax, Imovax, Havrix, Biavax and Varivax, several of which my kids have received, they have listed as an animal byproduct ingredient "human diploid cells from aborted fetal tissue." I just don't know what to say about that. You mean they're buying aborted babies to make vaccinations for my children??? What do you know about this?


Johanna said...

I've never heard of cells from aborted babies being used, although it doesn't really surprise me very much...sadly enough. That is a bit troubling.

As far as choosing not to vaccinate, I do have fairly strong opinions. The risks of not vaccinating are higher than vaccinating. Aaron even had a fairly strong negative reaction to his MMR vaccine and developed an egg allergy that lasted until he was a bit older than two. Even with that, I still did not hesitate to vaccinate Ethan. The reason is that the only reason major childhood diseases that used to kill thousands are unheard of now is because people have been vaccinated for years and years. Since not vaccinating has become more popular, some of the diseases that were previously thought to be eradicated are showing up in the US again. Check out this article to see what I am talking about. I think we are going to see more and more of this in the near future. It is sad to me because it is completely preventable.

That said, I really feel for the families that have seen a correlation between their child's vaccinations and autism. I have worked as a one on one teacher for an autistic child who was being mainstreamed into a regular classroom - she was four. It is a devistating disease when it is severe, as hers was. The CDC and manufacturers of vaccines are really working to eliminate the components that could be causing the link, but it still has never been proven. I know a few people who have chosen not to vaccinate, and I don't look down on them for their decision, but I just couldn't make that decision in good conscience - especially since some of the diseases that vaccines have already wiped out in the US are coming back.

Joanna said...

...my big problem with that is that abortion is NOT about a "woman's choice" anymore. People are making A LOT of money off of selling aborted babies for...stuff like vaccines. So, what I am having a problem with is the idea that I am paying to promote the abortion industry by continuing to vaccinate my kids because they *might* get the measles.

I assume he developed an egg allergy because there is "chick embryonic fluid" in the vaccine also.

I am very conflicted over this. I totally understand about childhood diseases and stuff. All of my kids have been vaccinated against everything so far, but this just bothers me A LOT. My Aunt Diana did not have any of her four kids vaccinated at all and they are all just fine.

Marie said...

I don't know much about this because I've never considered not vaccinating Caleb. But I did just recently see a report on the news about what Johanna was talking about with the diseases making a resurgence. They interviewed a couple whose infant son had contracted measles, most likely from the doctor's office. That's the big danger. Cause some kids are too young to be vaccinated and they could be exposed to it before their parents even have a chance to choose.

I think I've also heard something about the MMR vaccine. That it could be safer to the kid if the three vaccines are broken up and not given all at once.

Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

From what I understand, the original *cultures* of several vaccines did use fetal tissue, however it is not contained as an ingredient in the vaccinations. Now, the vaccines are cultured in eggs, hence why those with egg allergies need to be cautious of receiving vaxes. I personally have a really difficult time believing even these cultures used aborted babies or their tissue. Perhaps some sort of tissue was taken from a miscarried child following a D&C. When you think about the massive amounts of D&C and miscarriages, the idea of calling up the abortion clinic for human tissues just seems a bit too out there, IMHO. (I do fully realize I could be wrong about this.) With that said, the idea of using any sort of fetal tissue really doesn't sit well with me, and sadly this is something that goes on right now, as does the usage of foreskin from RIC, placental tissues, and many other so-called "medical waste."

FWIW, we have delayed Peapod's vaccinations, and I no longer accept any for myself. She may be selectively vaccinated in the future, however, I would refuse chicken pox, Gardasil, and any brand new vaccines that enter the schedule, along with spacing the other vaccines out quite a bit, as not to overload her immune system. I also would not consent for Hep B until she was in her pre-teens/teens. I am not so much concerned about the autism link as I am about the possibility of auto-immune reactions, as both my sister and I have some severe auto-immune issues. And with my wonderful assortment of food allergies (haha), I would not give consent for Peapod or any other children we might have to have a vax containing egg until we are certain no allergy exists.

Joanna said...

I did some research and it's true that they use aborted fetal tissue. One was a 14 week old normal baby boy. OK, so I have to go cut Del's hair, but I will post more here tomorrow about what I found out.