Friday, May 9, 2008

This Is So Not Important

But still, how cool is it that Michelle Duggar is due with her 18th twelve days before I'm due. Her last one is 5 days older than Lily.


Tina said...

I thought of you right away when I saw that! So, do you think you will be blessed with 18?
Seriously though, good for her! But I wonder... with 17 already how in the heck do they find time to MAKE another??? I would love to hear her advice on that issue!

Johanna said...

I hadn't heard that yet! I so don't understand wanting to have 18 children...but they do seem to be truly happy with it! Does it make you feel better about how soon this one comes after Lily?

Johanna said...

I just scrolled down and saw your ticker too! How fun to have two tickers going there. Although yours is still in that really depressing stage of "240 days to go". Really??? Is that supposed to be encouraging?? I was so happy when I broke below 200.

Imagine this - if we do go ahead and apply for adoption soon, we will have three tickers there for the two of us! How crazy would that be?

Joanna said...

Tina - It's too late for me to be blessed with 18. She started earlier than me and she's had two sets of twins. To catch up with her, I'd have to have...13 more babies after this one, in 9 years. That's impossible. Unless we used some drugs. She's got so many olders that they take care of a lot of the house and youngers. I bet they get lots of time to make babies! It's hard when all your kids are so young and you have to do everything yourself and be pregnant. But eventually they get older and more helpful and it does get easier. Or so I hear.

Johanna - I does't really make me feel better because lots of people have kids this close together, it's just never happened to me before. So, I'm nervouse about that. I've never been nursing and pregnant at the same time.

I think it would be awesome to have three tickers going!!!!

Yeah, 240 days is NOT encouraging at all. Heck, for that matter 4 weeks and 5 days is not encouraging. LOL!

Lawanda said...

More power to her! :)

And good luck on your pregnancy. My mom had us all just under a year apart, and we all lived to tell about it ;)

I only wish I was pregnant right about now :-p