Friday, June 6, 2008

Bye-bye Housey

We wrote our realtor back with our list of concerns and told her we were not going to extend the contract. She told us that we misunderstood everything and it doesn't matter anyway because there is another buyer waiting in the wings to get this fantastic there.

She might as well have stuck her tongue out at us. Sigh.

It doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of thing. I was getting more and more nervous about our ability to make the payments on this house considering that everything is getting more expensive. Del was confident about this, but I'm a Nervous Nelly and I'd rather be in a house where we didn't push our threshold of comfort on the price of the house to it's very outer limits and beyond. My only regret is that I'm pregnant, now and this apartment is already too small for us as we are. I'd be happy with this size house, if we had a back yard. These poor kids are sadly indoors way too much.

Not that I regret another baby, by ANY means. WOOHOO, for baby.

The prospects for resale on this house are not good. We don't want to be here for another 10 years waiting for the prices in this area to stabilize. We really feel that 3 years is the most we'll stay here and - as I've been told before (Granny) - it's apparently taking quite some time for the prices to recoup. Everyone knows that Florida is one of the hardest hit states with this whole housing "crisis." It's worse than I thought it was.

The bottom line is that our most fervent prayer was that if this was not the house God wanted for us, if he TOTALLY disagreed with our decision to put an offer on this house, that he would make it abundantly clear to us. I am of the humble opinion that the lock expiring and then the contract itself expiring before we heard anything back about it, is a pretty clear sign and I am not in the least interested in missing God on this one. I have a hard time keeping myself in his will and since this seems to be so very clear, I'm happy to be in it.


Terry said...

Praying things work out for you- and soon. For the record, I agree with you on the issue of pushing yourselves to the financial limit. That would make me nervous, too.

Johanna said...

I know that even though you feel confident of God's hand in this, it is disappointing. I am praying that God works out all the details. He knows your hearts desire and he knows what you need. I'm praying that he makes your next step abundantly clear.

Marie said...

Since you mentioned that you are starting to resent the house, I think it's best that things didn't work out. Buying a house that you may potentially live in for decades, you want everything to feel right. We rushed into out townhouse and I ended up feeling so trapped. So, where do you go from now?