Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pretty Painless

Considering the amazing amounts of paperwork involved before the social worker actually stepped foot in our house, I was expecting something a lot more grueling than what actually was. Our social worker was really nice and we spent a lot of time just chatting. Then she did my personal interview and Jerry's personal interview. Next week she will do our couple interview and talk to the kids. She already spent quite a bit of time talking to the kids asking them what they liked. She asked Aaron about school and what he was learning. Aaron drew her a picture - they really liked her. That's good, because otherwise they might not want to answer questions next time. Anyway, most of her questions were about our parents - their marriage and parenting and then what we took away from that to use and specifically do not use in our own marriage and parenting. She told us that it was refreshing to have a couple that does not have abuse and divorce in their background, but both come from good families whose parents are still together. We are indeed fortunate! Her only concern was with homeschooling, how we planned to socialize our children - a common question we are prepared for - and how then we also plan to expose our daughter to people of her own culture if she is at home. We had already discussed that too, and had a ready answer that she seemed to be very pleased with.

I also filled out my immigration paperwork today. The only thing I am missing for that is the home study written report. So she will come back next week (we are not certain of the day yet) and then start writing the report. From what I can tell, it is about a 10 page written report - it is very in-depth. So we are in good shape! We just have to wait...wait for our police clearance reports to come back and wait for our home study report to be done. But we are on schedule still to submit to immigration in July like we had hoped!

Thank you to all who prayed today!


Lawanda said...

YAY! I am glad she was likable and kid friendly! That had to help!! :)

Joanna said...

Wow! I still feel so nervous about the whole thing. I'm glad it went well. I bet next time you'll be less nervous. It's a good thing the socialization thing is so easy to combat.

Terry said...

So glad that it went well!!

Anonymous said...

Great news. I'm glad things are moving along as planned.