Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Setting up the tent is a man's job.

A park 20 feet from the campsite with ill-placed benches and no shade. Look at poor Meagan hiding in the shade.

We all went swimming down the road a piece. Actually, all the sane mothers stayed out of the water. It was high tide and the water was no deeper than Del's waist. He took Ella to the other side there and they looked for shells and stuff.

Savannah and Rachel had loads of fun throwing mud at everyone. Everyone else didn't think it was so fun.

We stayed until it was dark. The sunset was beautiful.

Del was our fire man and we roasted hotdogs and corn for dinner and of course marshmallows for smores after dinner.

The next morning we made another fire (okay, Del made the fire) and cooked more hotdogs and marshmallows. It was a healthy breakfast that included cookies and jerky.

After we broke camp we took the girls swimming at Hugenot Island State Park, which was a lot of fun. There were hermit crabs like crazy. We stayed until the lightning came and then packed up and went home. It was fun. I think we were amply prepared and we'll be ready to go for a longer period next time, likely in the fall so it's not so hot. The worst thing was that Lily can't walk all the time yet so she had to be carried 100% of the time. This limited my ability to be helpful in any way, and as it was already hot she added another 20 degrees to my "hotness" and I was sweating profusely while she jumped on my lap and smacked me in the face.


Lawanda said...

Looks fun! I think making a fire is definitely a man's job. I could not do it in the best of conditions!

Johanna said...

I didn't realize that your parents and Meagan were going too! That looks like loads of fun. I agree that tenting and fire-making are man's work for sure! I wouldn't do so well at it myself. Fall will be nice too, because the cooler weather will be a must once you're more pregnant, and you won't be too far along to not be able to sleep on the ground so well. I'm glad you had a good time!

Meagan said...

lol... It was great fun. Mike, Savannah and I all stayed only for the evening, cause neither Mike or I were up to pitching a tent and sleeping out overnight. It was fun, but Savannah came home so tired that she didn't remember saying good bye to everyone, or coming into the house.... so she woke up in the middle of the night and we had to do the entire nightime routine to get her to go back to sleep... but then she slept like a baby.