Monday, June 9, 2008

Raising Them Right

I'm sitting on the floor cuddling with Rachel today. Keep in mind that Rachel is 2 years and 8 months old. She likes to cuddle and snuggle and be a baby. So anyway she looks up at me and says

"Mom, I want to go shopping, I'm sad. Can we go to the store?"



Lawanda said...

Ruh Roh!!

LOL!! How cute, though! :) I love it when those quirky, surprising things start to come from their little adorable mouths!! ;)

Terry said...

LOL! Shopping as a cure for the blues. Wonder where she got that from?

Johanna said...

Sounds good to me! When are we leaving?

Joanna said...

Pretty funny, eh? She got her wish. We went to Target and we bought her a beach towel. I had already planned to do that though so...but like she knows the difference.

Terry - I'm sure you, of all people, understand that in a house full of women, it's hard to NOT acquire shopping as a cure for the blues. LOL! Your husband has his hands full for sure. 7 women to one man! So far, we've go 5 women to one man here. Del is taking on the trait of shopping for the blues. We're working on a son, but I am not even remotely holding my breath.