Friday, June 6, 2008


Is there anything more nostalgic than the TV show Little House on the Prairie? I remember watching it with my mom in the late afternoons growing up. The past two days, I have lay on the couch during the boy's nap and watched an episode of this classic show on the Hallmark channel. It sure does bring back memories! Why can't there be truly good TV on today?


Joanna said...

Especially LHOTP. It makes my girls nervous. It's too intense for them, LOL!

So what are you saying about TV these days, Johanna? Don't you like Hannah Montana? Did I spell her name correctly?

Johanna said...

Well, I personally thing Hannah Montana is kind of cute, but I sure wouldn't want my young girls to watch it. I guess I have the jr. high kind of humor still.

Joanna said...

I've never actually seen her because that would mean I'd have to watch the Disney Channel and we avoid that like the plague itself. I just know about her because of her recent...photographic debacle.

Johanna said...

Yeah, the photograph thing was bad. I totally blame her dad. He never should have left her with the photographer. A 15 year old is not wise enough to stand up to a professional photographer about poses like the one she was encouraged to take.

I do like a few of the disney cartoons too. Aaron and Ethan seem to have outgrown the ones I really like though.

Lawanda said...

Little House as a TV show was always too melodramatic for me. I do believe there is not ONE of those shows that does not leave me crying. (Very bad grammar there, but no time, no time to figure it out!)


Disney shows BUG the livin daylights outa me. But my kids like to watch them occasionally. And as long as it is just occasionally, I am fine with that.