Thursday, June 5, 2008

Here Housey, Housey, Housey

Our lock expired yesterday. Isn't that nice? And no we didn't hear from our realtor.

Del did talk to the loan guy - who's title I don't actually know...but his name is Jason - and he said that the second mortgage guys (for the former owners, we don't have a second mortgage in the works) are the ones giving us all the trouble. Anyway, it would have cost us over $600 to extend the lock for a contract that, what is going on with it, we have no idea. So we didn't extend the lock.

Our realtor very kindly sent us an email last night at 11:42 - a full hour and 42 minutes after I was soundly asleep. Maybe if I had stayed up to watch Antonia get kicked off Top Chef I would have checked my email one more time and gotten it. Actually it's Del's email, but I digress. I finally checked the email about 9 this morning. In this email she told us that not only has our lock expired, but our contract expires tomorrow, the 6th. COOL! And, AND...we have until tomorrow to decide what we want to do, sign an extension to the contract and then get the sellers to sign it also. Nice. Then she told us that the county appraisers office always puts the market value of the house at 85-95% of the actual market value so what's listed there is correct for what the VA appraised the house at, which is $252,000. She said that since it's been a week since we called the county appraisers office and they still haven't fixed the mistake on their website that the house listed there must be correct, never mind that it's still listed as a two-story house. This might just be me, but I'm pretty darn sure that attics don't count as a second story, and if they do I still say I've been deceived about the livable space in this house, because who is going to live in the attic?

Del reacted quite badly to this email. He has no faith that any numbers she throws out there are trustworthy since not one single number she's given us has been correct so far; from house payment to insurance payment, she is always, always WAY off.

She said that "they" were wanting to appraise the INSIDE of the house and wanted to do this on Monday or Tuesday and that maybe we'd hear back by the end of next week. Great! Another time to look forward to. Or not.

The best word I can use to describe Del's tone when I talked to him about this is: disgusted. Why didn't our realtor think of this on Monday when we would have had a full 5 days to talk about our options and then get an extension signed.

Oh and here's the best part. We have asked her about a half dozen times for a copy of the contract, which we should have had upon signing the contract and we STILL don't have a copy. I have sent her an email asking her to send us one AGAIN since this will help us to make an informed decision about what our next step should be.



Johanna said...

I think it is time to walk away from this realtor. She is not doing any kind of due dilligence on her part for you. I would not have been as patient as you have been. That could also be because I would not have been looking for a house for you in FL. :) I think TX is a much, much, MUCH better place to live! Just think, we actually have a few months of mild winter - you know, just enough to make you love spring. Just a thought... :)

Granny said...

I agree with Johanna. On all counts. :-)

Joanna said...

I just want you to know that if it were up to me or to me and mom, we'd have been in Texas last month. Unfortunately...well, you know not unfortunately but still, we are both married and for some reason those guys keep wanting to be rational and wait a bit. I don't know what for. Sheesh.

Tina said...

Yeah, I am with Johanna. Makes my stomach hurt just reading about it... must be awful for you. Certainly not one trustworthy person you are dealing with. I would say RUN.
I also think you should head for Texas! Whenever we go back to the US, that is where Aaron seems to be wanting to head. We could all live close!!!! (think of all the clothes you could make for me THEN!!!)