Monday, October 6, 2008

Meal Plans

I know that lots and lots of bloggers post a meal plan for the week every Monday. Although I will never commit to doing that because I know I will fail more often than I succeed, I did plan a menu this week. You might notice that I have added Pioneer Woman Cooks to the links on the side of this blog. Mostly that is because I think her blog is incredible! However, I forget to check it and each time I remember, I wish I had checked it sooner. I am hoping that seeing it there will spark my memory! Anyway, this weekend, I was browsing through the 7,523 posts that she has put up since the last time I checked and realized that she has a tremendous number of recipes that I want to try. So I made my entire menu from her blog's recipes!

Meal 1: Migas, fruit, Bronco Bread

Meal 2: Zucchini Farfalle, grilled chicken

Meal 3: Beef Enchiladas, chips, black beans

Now, before you all freak out on me and think that I have forgotten how to count the days in a week or simply left off the rest of my menu, I only planned to cook three times this week. My boys are still young enough that they eat very little, so I plan for leftovers. Plus, my husband won't be home for dinner every night this week. Be honest, do you really cook a full meal for just you and the kids (if your kids are 5 and under like mine)??? I never do. And I never, never cook on Sundays. Just my little rule. So three meals it is.

I'll have to post each recipe (my version) as I make it. I am so excited about all three of these meals!

So, what's for dinner at your house this week?


Joanna said...

LOL! Tonight for dinner I'm making Pioneer Woman's Simple and Hearty Chicken and Rice Soup.

I always think that Meal Plan Monday thing that everyone does is a great idea, but I never commit to it for the same reason you don't. I have enough reasons to be down about my home-making abilities; I'm not about to add "can't plan a weeks worth of meals to save her life" to the list. ROTFLOL!!!

Johanna said...

That soup looks good - and I needed a good laugh, which I got with the food coloring! Ha, ha, ha! i never would have thought of that!

Joanna said...

I thought that was hilarious, too. I totally forgot to put it in the soup though. It was still very, very tasty.

Lawanda said...

Pdub is my FAVORITE internet EVER! :-D

I ♥ Ree!!

When my kids were small and my dh was gone all the time, I only cooked a little.

Now that my dh is home every day (until 3:00pm) I cook every day during the week. We have left overs or catch-whatcha-can on Saturdays, and on Sundays we go to my mom's for a big lunch :)

The menus I do help me grocery shop. I have a list of all the meals we like and I just copy and paste them from it. I don't follow it to a T, like that would surprise anyone, but it is my guideline, and my grocery list.


I stopped beating myself up for being a horrible housewife years ago. It just is not worth it. I am a fine housewife. I will never be perfect. I have good attributes too!!!

minnesotamom said...

We're kind of bare bones right now until I go grocery shopping, so:

Monday: Refried bean quesadillas
Also, I made Ree's apple dumplings for dessert. Oh. My.

Tuesday: Butter burgers (cuz they're a buck at Culver's) and fries, some fruit or veggies

Wednesday through Friday, don't know yet, but it'll be healthier than Tuesday!

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

Thanks for linking to this site. I took a moment to look around over there and I really like Pioneer Woman. Great site.