Thursday, October 30, 2008


I just got home from casting my ballot in early voting. I was encouraged to see the lines were long even mid-morning on a Thursday. I had heard that the lines were long all day, and at times were out the doors! It will be interesting to see if they are long because everyone is voting early, or if they will be long on Tuesday as well! If you haven't voted yet, get out there and vote!

My main reason for voting early is an irrational hope that Andrew will be born before Tuesday, preventing me from voting on election day! I am pretty sure that is only wishful thinking... I even went out of my way since early voting was at a neighboring suburb's library, and my regular polling location is at my church, where I will already be for Bible study on Tuesday morning! :) Like I said, wishful thinking.

Speaking of thinking, I seem to be unable to think or blog about anything but baby these days. I guess that is understandable, but it makes for a boring blog...sorry about that! I did get tagged for another meme, which I'll put up soon. I'll try not to make it all about baby, too!


Meagan said...

Yeah I remember those days well.... for the last 4-6 weeks I would do everything based on the irrationaly hope that I would deliver early.... and then both of my girls were two days late.

Joanna said...

We tried to vote early on Tuesday but the line was probably 1/4 mile out the door. With a pregnant lady and four kids, we're waiting.

Lawanda said...

I don't think we have early voting around here. I can't wait to vote :)

I hope your baby comes in good time, Johanna. It is so hard to think of anything BUT the baby when you are that close :)