Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pregnancy Pause

I thought it might be time for a pregnancy post. Here are some current stats:
  • I have reached the "I feel as big as a house" stage
  • My wedding ring no longer fits
  • I have stopped craving much of anything, and have even lost most of my appetite (weird for me...)
  • Andrew turned breech a little over a week ago
  • Andrew measures 25% bigger than he should for his age (eek!)
  • Feet? What feet?
  • I can now watch Andrew move all through the day - it is the highlight of my day
  • I am starting to feel more motivated to get things done in preparation for Andrew's arrival
I am working on sewing up Andrew's bedding now. I have a shower on October 19, so after that I will start purchasing any of the things we still need. I am actually starting to realize that I am going to have a baby soon! I'm not sure how this is just now dawning on me, but I am really good at compartmentalizing things in my head. Up to this point, I have only focused on getting the adoption paperwork done, and completely blocked out the fact that I have another child coming much, much sooner than the one I am adopting! :) But, as you can see for yourself, it won't be too much longer now!

(Please ignore the straining of the pants across my backside!! I cannot believe I am actually posting this...)

Anyway, since an adoption is like a very long pregnancy, I'll go ahead an update on that too! Today I put our complete dossier in the mail to our adoption agency!! I am throwing a tiny party, but the real par-tay will come once it is on its way to China, which will be another couple of weeks. But as far as anything else that I can do, there is nothing. Well, except for wait. Now begins the long, long wait. I am so thankful that I have a baby coming to help me with this since I am not, by nature, a patient person. Of course, this last step wasn't without a major hitch just like every other step has been. This time, the Houston post office lost the Express Mail envelope our authenticated documents happened to be in! Yes, they lost them. As in they had no idea where they were for a day. But, lo and behold, they showed up again in a post office on the wrong side of our city, and then arrived to us today. I only had one moment of freak out over this. It could have been much, much worse! The next time I update on the adoption, our dossier will have been reviewed, translated, bound and made to look pretty, and sent to China!


Lawanda said...

Awww you still look adorable! A bit miserable, but adorable still :)

That last month is a year long event, in my memory! ;)

Yay on getting through all the rough spots with the adoption! :)

Joanna said...

Hmmm, that's funny. This little baby girl is breech, too. She's got a wee bit more time to turn, but I'm not counting on it. She's been breech since at least 21 weeks. Sarah was, too and she never turned. Sigh...

I think you look fantastic, too. You make a cute pregnant lady!

Johanna said...

You guys are way too kind with your comments, but thank you! The last month can be miserable, but I am DETERMINED not to let it get to me so that I don't ask for an induction at 38 weeks like I did with my second. An induction when your body is not yet ready to deliver is not a good thing.

I cannot believe your baby is breech, too, Jo. Would that completely nix the idea of a home birth for you? Would you consent to a C-section if she doesn't turn? I am way more at peace about the idea of that than I would have been with my first two, even though I am going to do abolutely everything in my power to avoid it. My mom gave me the name of a chiropractor that does a specific method to help breech babies turn. It's called the Webster Technique. If she hasn't turned closer to your due date, you should look for a chiropractor in your area that does it. If Andrew is still breech after my next appointment with my OB, I'm going to try it.

Joanna said...

Yeah, I talked to the doc. yesterday about a version but they have to check my uterus first to see if it's anterior or whatever. I've never heard of the webster technique. I'll be interested to hear if it works for you. I don't want another c-section, that's for sure. You can bet your sweet bippy that if I have a c-section this time around, no one in this area will ever let me VBAC again. It's very upsetting. But she does have three months to turn.

Joanna said...

By the way, in the four weeks and two days between my last two appointments I gained SEVEN POUNDS!!! I guess I ate one too many bowls of ice cream. LOL!

Johanna said...

LOL! Between 20 and 27 weeks, I also gained an astronomical amount of weight! There is something about that particular time period...I have gained too much during that period with all three. I believe that this one, during the same weeks that you just wrote about, I also gained 7. Too funny!

Lawanda said...

Raechel was breech too. I had an appointment to get the inversion done, and the night before she turned!! And BOY DID IT HURT!!

He told me that she was probably breech because I laid on my back a lot in the easy chair! I was like, "BUT that is the only way I am comfy! WAAA!"

I was so happy she turned! :)