Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Migas My Way

One thing that I like about cooking is that it is not only a way to prepare nutritious food for my family, but often it is a means of self-discovery. Often times I am willing to try things in the kitchen, be brave and branch out even though I am not always willing to do that in other areas. I also learn things about my preferences, likes and dislikes, that I wouldn't learn if I wasn't trying new things. This is true about Migas. I was first introduced to Migas when Tina put them up for her entry in the recipe war on Mothers of Invention. I liked them, but I thought there were too many tortillas and I wanted more flavor. So when I found the recipe for Migas on Pioneer Woman Cooks, I was very excited to try it out! These were more to my liking.

I learned several things in the process of making these:

  • I really need to learn how to take good pictures of food. That looks way more disgusting here than it did in real life!
  • I don't like cilantro. Everyone else I've heard say they don't like cilantro thinks it tastes like soap. I don't think that, but I just don't like it! I guess I do like it in one circumstance. I like fresh salsa. I know there is cilantro in that, but I guess the other flavors are so strong that it is not too prominent for me.
  • I do not like the veggies in something to be a totally different texture from the rest of the dish. This recipe says not to cook the peppers and onions too long so that they are still a bit crunchy, but I will cook them until they are much softer next time.
  • I like migas with an equal number of tortillas and eggs. The first recipe I tried had twice as many tortillas as eggs. This one has twice as many eggs as tortillas. I think right in between would be perfect!

I fully recommend this recipe! I will make it again for sure.


Joanna said...

Oh good, because I saw that recipe on her website and was scared to try it because I was traumatized by Tina's.

ROTFLOL. Okay, I wasn't really traumatized. I think you hit the nail on the head with them: too many corn tortillas for the egg content.

You're right about your picture taking. That, I hate to say, looks a bit like vomit. :) Don't you have a macro button on your camera? It's usually a flower. Use that, get close up, don't use a flash.

Johanna said...

Good tips. I do have that setting on my camera. I'd try another picture of this, but it was all gobbled up too fast! I halved the recipe, by the way, lest anyone who looked at it thinks that me and my small family gobbled up 10-12 eggs worth of migas in a very short time...

But tonight I am making enchiladas and I will try it on pictures of those. So good to have a friend who knows how to use a camera better than me. Come to think of it, you also know how to sew better than me, bake better than me, conceive girls better than me... Fortunately, I am not easily discouraged! :)

Joanna said... make boys better than me.

Plus, I don't know that I know how to sew better than you. I was just today admiring those elephants you sent Rachel and Lily. They are so cute! And so professionaly-made looking. I really like them. I probably like them more than the girls do.

Lawanda said...

Well, you both sew better'n me, AND take better pics than me, I'll wager. ;) And it is obvious I haven't had much luck in the boy making department either! LOL

I have to say eggs and tortillas in one dish does not sound yummy to me. Which may be the reason I have never heard of these. (I prolly stuck my fingers in my ears and said lalalalalala) ;)

Joanna said...

ROTFL! You're so funny, Lawanda.

Johanna said...

Oh, Lawanda, you should try it anyway. It is quite tasty. Mmmm, Mexican food. Is there anything better on God's green earth???