Friday, November 14, 2008

Dude, Was That a Brick Wall or Did You Just Punch Yourself in the Nose

I scrubbed the floor in my bathroom on Tuesday, tried to hang up curtains (I only succeeded with one), did some laundry and...something else that I can't remember. The next day it was like hitting a brick wall. Every day by 8pm I'm ready to sleep. I can barely think past the pregnant haze in my head. I always get this way in the last trimester. It's a good thing I got some stuff done before my energy was sapped. I'm so tired I actually took out those dumb fish sticks and gave them to the girls for lunch. That's really bad.

On the other hand, we have a back yard! And it was 90 degrees yesterday. I caught Ella picking up mud and slathering it all over her chest and legs! How fun! It's truly a blessing to have a yard.

I am managing to get some school done. We're almost totally caught up in history. History is fun and easy to catch up on since we are only supposed to do one chapter a week. We've done four chapters already this week and will likely do two more today. Did you ever read the story Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves? Did you know that that story is where we got the phrase, "open, sesame"? I used to say that all the time as a kid. It's a strange story though. So far we've
read two stories from the Book of 1001 Nights. They are both strange. As a project to help us remember about "open, sesame" we made sesame cookies. Basically they were just freezer cookies with sesame seeds on top. They were good though.

I want to sew or something. I'm tired of scrubbing floors and unpacking boxes. Would you like to hear me whine some more? No? Okay, I'll sign off then because I'm pretty darn good at whining.


Marie said...

The girls look like they're having so much fun in the yard! I miss being able to watch Caleb play in the mud. I have some great pictures from when we had a yard.

Lawanda said...

Alright. I am so moving in with you. You got room for 6 more people? haha I would LOVE to be sitting in 90 degrees right now. 60 just ain't good enough. ;)

You are allowed to whine. When you are prego, it is part of the package ;)

Arabian Nights sounds interesting. I believe it has the Aladdin story in there too, doesn't it? Maybe I am wrong about that.

Someday I wanna read it. :)