Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weight, Height, Time and a Name

Johanna had her baby today. Andrew was born this morning at 8:46. He measured 20 inches and weighed 7 pounds and 10 ounces. Everyone is shocked at how small he is. No one was even remotely close with the weight but Lawanda was only one day off of the date. Good guess! She said she'd get some pictures up when she got home and settled. Andrew is nursing nicely and Johanna sounds good but tired. Sigh, it's always so nice to not be pregnant anymore. Oh, she didn't have an epidural either. She was praying to not have one. She's brave like that.

In other not-o-exciting news, Del and I have finally settled on a name for our 5th daughter. Please pray for our next theoretical baby to be a boy, because I'm not sure we could muster ANOTHER girl name. We love having all these girls, but at this point we've just about used all the girl names we really care for. So, she's Anna Lyn. Anna is a good name and means gracious or merciful. Lyn is after my godmother Lyn, who happens to be Johanna's mom.

All the girls' middle names are easy because we just pick someone we really respect or love or is family and toss that name in there. So far we have Renee, after me; Elaine, after my mom; Anne, after my mom's best friend Marcia Ann (you know you have to spell Ann with an "e"); and Lily Irene, after my grandma.

Names are so interesting. I really like to hear how people named their kids. Surely you have heard the ones about Lemonjello and Oranjello. People are kooky. How did you name your kids? After anyone?


Marie said...

Congratulations Johanna! Can't wait to see pictures!

I really like Anna! I think it's sweet. I've never heard of Lemonjello!! That's so weird! Did someone seriously name their kid that? The weirdest name I've heard of came from the sister of a good friend in high school. She name her daughter Abcde.

Caleb's middle name is my grandpa's Japanese name (Masao). My brother got a Japanese middle name (Muneharu, after an uncle) and I got a Portuguese one (Oliveira, my grandma's maiden name), and I always loved that. We are going to give all of our girls (if we have more than one that is) my middle name. Cause I think it's pretty and I think it sounds great with everything.

Lawanda said...

*oh yay-ya* I'm so good, what can I say ;) haha

I'm so thrilled she had him!!! And he is nursing so well, and she didn't have to get an epi!! *applause*

Cannot WAIT for pics! Oh I love new babies!!! :)

I'm so glad you all finally decided on a name :) That's kinda funny, cuz you are naming her whole name after my daughter Faith's middle name (Which I LOVE!!!) Her name is Faith Annalin!!

We pick our names like this: I pick out tons of names I like, then Kevin tells me which ones he likes from my list and that usually narrows it down to just a few.

The names have to end up with 12 letters (for his mom's sake, that is just her thing) and they have to have some sort of biblical import, even if it is vague. ;) And they are all named after people we love :)

So we came up with

Kela Danielle - Ke from Kevin, La from Lawanda and Danielle is the feminine form of Daniel - a family name and a biblical name ;)

Cassandra Joy - My middle name is Joy, and my mom's name is Joyce. We named her after my mom, not me, though ;) And Cassandra was one Kevin really ended up loving :) Joy is obviously biblical. :)

Faith Annalin - Kevin really loved Faith, and his mom is Linda Ann, so I switched it around to name Faith after Linda ;) Again Faith is obviously biblical. :)

Raechel Naomi - I wanted to name her after a couple of older ladies at church whom I had known and loved my entire life. Their names were/are Roberta Rae Davis and Naomi McDonald. Kevin did not like anything I came up with for Naomi Rae together. BUT he really loved Rachel. So I said if I could name her Rachel and spell it RAEchel like Roberta's middle name, then I would take it. ;) Plus that got us the 12 letters for my mil, too! :)

So... aren't you glad you asked?!?! haha I am totally copying this onto my blog now! LOL

Joanna said...

Marie - I knew about Caleb's middle name but not Derrek's and I did't realize that yours was Portugese. That is really cool! It's neat that as a typical American you can honor your roots with names like that.

Lawanda - Those are all neat stories about how your kids got their names. I was wondering why you had spelled Raechel they way you did. And, Faith is one of my favorite names. Unfortunately Del never liked it as a first name and no one I'm related to or have a lot of respect for or whatever is named Faith. Too bad. We've considered Joy on several occasions as a middle name because both Del's mom's middle name and my mom's mom's middle name is Joyce. It never flew though. And how cool about Kela! We actually did that with Lily. We named her after Linnea (Li) and Emily (ly) who are daughters of friends of ours who have SMA. Linnea died when she was 14 months old and Emily is 3 and still taking life by storm. You can read about them on the link: Hope For Emily.

Thanks for sharing guys; I love that kind of stuff!

minnesotamom said...

Congratulations Johanna! Yayayay! Hope Andrew is healthy and well.

I named Anja after hearing the name on the PBS show "Frontier House" a bajillion years ago. The girl on there spelled it Aine, which is even more prone to mispronunciation than the way we do it. She is Scandinavian, hence the j with a "y" sound. Her middle name is after my mother.