Monday, November 24, 2008

Tid Bits of Mainly Useless Information

I didn't get even one free Dr. Pepper because their server was so overloaded that they couldn't handle the traffic. I bet they did that on purpose so they wouldn't have to give out a bunch of free Dr. Pepper. That stinks. Blah.

But, I've been pretty sure for about a week and a half now that my little breech baby turned. I didn't want to get my hopes up until I went to the doc and today I did and the doc said she's pretty darn sure baby turned, also. This is GREAT news.

Other good news: Mom comes home from Maui next week; the house is getting fixed up pretty darn well; I only have 7 weeks left before I have my tummy all to myself again.

I haven't started cooking for Thanksgiving yet. I meant to do that already.


Meagan said...

well, I did get to access it thugh it took a really long time to load the page and that was as far as I went..... it did say though that they hadn't expected as much response, and due to the technical difficulties the offer would be extended and or reoffered at a later date.

Meagan said...

I knew there was more to post about.... HEHE.

Hey That is beyond great news that baby turned!!!!! that is wonderful news!!!!

What is the status on Mom??? Is she moving in with you guys till after baby???

Yeah, maybe I should at least buy the food for thanksgiving.....

Joanna said...

Yup, Mom's coming back on Sunday, will be in Jax on Monday, close on house NLT Friday, be here after that until who knows when. If Dad stays in Maui she'll likely fly back to be with him in Feb. Very exciting. The girls are beside themselves with excitement.

Yeah, at least I've bought the food. Get with the program Meagan! ;) LOL.

Marie said...

That's great that the baby turned! Only 7 weeks? Seems so soon! ... but probably not to you :)

I haven't bought all the food either. But we're only doing a ham since it's just the three of us and Caleb will likely only eat bread. But I was thinking about making some freezer dinner rolls and the pie crust tomorrow. What are you planning on making ahead of time?

Joanna said...

Today I'm making the dough for the rolls (I'm going to make it out of Challah), an apple pie, a pumpkin pie and a pecan pie. I am going to cut up onions and celery. If I can muster the energy as I was awake most of last night vomitting...that was fun.

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I am going to take the roll dough out of the freezer and put it in the fridge, cut up the potatoes and soak them in water (later at night) and cut up the bread for my stuffing. I will also make cranberry tea sometime today or tomorrow.

This just doesn't seem like Thanksgiving to me. No family, no decorations; just the idea that in two days it's Thanksgiving. We probably should have just grilled hot dogs and burgers like GG suggested. It's times like this that I realize how important it is to be around your family.

Marie said...

Three pies!!? The girls must really like pie! It would take us two months to finish all that.

Even though you may not feel like it, I think you're so ambitious with all the stuff you're doing. I have no motivation to make ours a big production since I'm basically cooking for two. I'm really looking forward to being near family next year. Cause I agree, things just aren't as fun when there aren't a lot of people to cook for and share the time with.

Lawanda said...

YAY on the breech baby turning around!!!!!

How cool that your mom is going to stay with you :) My mom is my neighbor, and so was my grandma, and let me tell ya, I do not know how people survive having babies without their family nearby to help!!!

I have my food for TG, except a few little things I forgot! But I am not gonna start cooking til tomorrow. By then I should have all my shelves, and my kitchen should be pretty well organized! YAY :)

I didn't get a dr pepper coupon either :( I think they did it on purpose too.

Joanna said...

Three pies, one hungry, pie-lovin' husband, four "does it have sugar in it" daughters and a gramma. And a pregnant lady. Yeah, we're eatin' us some pie!

Yeah, I don't know how we would have done it without Mom. I wish she was here today because about every 15 minutes I find myself wanting to sit down and cry. I WANT MY MOMMY!!!

Johanna said...

That is AWESOME that Anna turned! I sure hope somehow you don't have to have a C-section.

I am praying for your final weeks. Mine are still very fresh on my mind so my thoughts are with you. Well, such as postpartem, sleep deprived thoughts are...