Wednesday, November 5, 2008


It is still so long of a wait until we get to bring our daughter home, and although I have already named her, grown to love her deep within my heart, and dreamt about her, because it is still so far away (and she won't even be conceived for another year or so) I have done nothing other than paperwork and dream. However, I now have something tangible to look at and associate with my sweet Hannah. My parents went to China last month and they brought back this adorable little outfit that is sized to fit a child between ages 1 and 2.

I am sure that for the next several months, I will be too busy to even think about my far away little girl, but when the craziness of a newborn in the house settles into routine, and the wait for Hannah looms ahead of me, I will now take this out and hold it and pray for this child of my heart.


Joanna said...

Ohhhhh, it's really pretty! I like the embroidered flowers.

Lawanda said...

Oh how beautiful :)