Sunday, November 2, 2008

House Update Again

Hi. It's me again. I'm a little paranoid that I have misspelled its/it's so forgive me if I have.

Our first official morning in the house and the girls had donuts for breakfast. Yummy. This was not yesterday but last Saturday, before everything was moved in.
That same day Sarah lost her first tooth. Okay, I pulled it out. But in my defense both of her bottom adult teeth are already growing in and the tooth had to go. I'm currently trying daily to pull the other baby tooth to make room for the adult tooth that's already growing in.
And now on to progress. Del is working like a dog. Or something. Our bedroom is nearly finished. It just needs to be organized basically. But all the furniture is in, drapes are up. I think it looks nice. We're thinking about putting a rug in. I really like the floors. Oh darn, I forgot about the missing bed skirt...I wonder where it is.

Toys. Sigh. They take over your life. I feel about children's toys the way I feel about TV. I mean, how many boxes and plastic dishes and stuff like that do your kids play with and not the gobs of toys. These guys play with some dolls, Legos and maybe the Little People but other than that they make the rest of it up. I want to down size our toy collection. This is supposed to be half a school room and it's totally taken over by toys.

Ahhhhhh, what a lovely sight. Except for the ugly wall color, which I will have to live with until we actually have time to paint. But isn't it a fabulous sewing room already? I want to put a long table in it for scrapbooking. And eventually I might have to share the room with a guest. Sheesh, friends...always taking up your space. LOL. I'm just kidding, you can come take up my sewing room any time you want to.

And here's Del's office. Obviously not very made up yet. We don't have a desk. There's never been room for a desk in any place we've lived in so we don't own a desk. It will be sssssoooooooooo nice to get all the Star Wars paraphernalia out of my bedroom and into his office. Not that I don't have an ever-loving fondness for all...okay, a lot of things Star Wars but it's just not so relaxing and romantic in my bedroom. Know what I mean?
So there you go. It's been quite a productive day. I should go put away all my plastics.


Kainoa said...

Your house looks so beautiful! Your bedroom looks big! I am so happy for you all to have your own home! How exciting. Enjoy and I look forward to more photos as things progress!

Marie said...

All the rooms look so big! Thanks for the update!

Johanna said...

Yeah!!! Love the house. Can't wait to come visit it and take up some of your sewing room. I promise to give it back when I'm done! :)

Grandma said...

Yes, "it's" was right because you were saying "it is." "Its" is used when it's a possessive. (e.g. It's not unusual to change its battery daily.)
Now regarding Del's "office" - where is that pic taken - in the baby's room? Cos downstairs only has tile, right?
Love the pic of Sarah and the tooth! And so cute to see all four chairs at the little table used!

Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

Nice place! What a blessing. God is good.

Lawanda said...

I love your great dahlia quilt! I have one hanging in my living room. I used it on my bed for years, but it is so special to me I wanted to hang it up :) My grandma gave it to me for graduation.

Moving is difficult! Don't sweat the small stuff ;)

Meagan said...

Oh and by the way those front bushes used to look a lot worse....