Monday, January 12, 2009

Here's the Skinny...Mini

I went in for my pre-op/regular OB appt today.

I saw Dr. Roush (look under south Tampa doctors), who will be the doc. with the knife on Thursday. She came in and said something about how disappointing this was and then asked about my contractions, which have been not regular but ouch they hurt and lots of them.

So she decided to check my cervix.

Apparently my uterus has been a wee bit busier than I thought it was. I am dilated to 4cm, baby is at -2 station and I'm 80% effaced.

Now's when everyone should give three cheers for Dr. Roush, whom I love.

Her exact words were, "It would be a shame for you to have another C/S." She has taken responsibility for my delivery, is on call tomorrow and I am scheduled to be at the hospital at 7AM for an induction (just a little of Pitocin should do it, she said). She said we'd have a baby by noon.

I've been on the verge of tears or in tears ever since. What an answer to prayer. I just can't get over the way God works. It's downright amazing!!! Again and again I am humbled.


Marie said...

Hooray! Such great news! And you should be home by the time we get there too! I think you should get an award for having the longest labor ever.

Kristen and Dave said...

wow! I so hope you'll be able to have a normal (and fast!) delivery! can't wait to hear!

Johanna said...

yeah!!! I am so happy that your doctor has some common sense and that you'll get to deliver naturally. Pitocin stinks, but surgery stinks 10X worse! I'll be praying for you lots and lots in the morning.

Lawanda said...

HIP HIP HORRRRAAAAAAY!! YAY FOR DR ROUSH!!!!!! I hope all goes well!!! ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you've got that little one in your arms by now...can't wait for an update!!!