Saturday, January 10, 2009


When is it along our journey in life that we lose the bulk of our imaginations? Yesterday, I was delighted by my 3 (soon to be 4) year old's imagination! He ran into my sewing room where I was and his shirt was covered in Thomas the Tank stickers. Here is our conversation:

Three yr. old: "Mom, when I push this button (one of the stickers on his shirt) it makes me jump!"

Mom: "Do you mean it makes you jump higher?"

Three yr. old: "No, it just makes me jump." (said as he is off jumping while pushing on the sticker on his belly.)

Three yr. old: (after returning a couple minutes later) "Mom, my button is broken."

Mom: "Oh, no! How are you going to fix it?"

Three yr. old: "I'll go to my closet."

Mom: "Why? Do you have the right tools in there?"

Three yr. old: "No. That's where my man is who fixes things. He can fix anything!"

Really? He has a man? If only I'd known that, I wouldn't have thrown out the broken vacuum. I would have just had his man fix it! :)


Joanna said...

ROTFL!!!! That is awesome. Make sure you write that one down and keep it forever!

Lawanda said...

That is so sweet! :) I love it!!

Raechel pretends to talk on the phone to her friend "GabbaDaBabba" all the time. it is so adorable. I just crack up all the time at some of the stuff she comes up with.

I love kids. *sigh*

Lawanda said...

Johanna have you read Fahrenheit 451 yet? I noticed it in your list. good book. :)

Johanna said...

Lawanda, I have already read Fahrenheit 451. The list on my side blog is only books I have finished. I really enjoyed it, too! As an English teacher, it is right up my alley!

Lawanda said...

Have you read his Martian Chronicles? Cold CHILLS! haha I read them both loooong ago. I believe I may read them again and see if the girls might be interested in them...

And btw, your new profile pic is gorgeous! :)

minnesotamom said...

Hilarious! Seriously, find out if the man has any cousins who might want to move to MN and live in my closet...that sounds creepy.