Friday, January 16, 2009

Fitness Friday - Tweaking Your Wardrobe

This week's challenge was to tweak our wardrobes. You know, get rid of the old, falling apart, baggy clothes and to try to dress better. I do feel better when I dress well, and I am always up for a challenge. The fun thing about this is that I was already planning to do what was suggested here, and had already started! I do have to say, I am one of those people who is too vain for my own good sometimes and I do not go out of the house without my hair and make-up done. I am not one to wear sweats - especially in public. So I didn't have many atrocities to rid my closet of. What I needed to do was get the maternity clothes out of my wardrobe! Have you heard the saying, "With your first baby you cannot wait to put on maternity clothes and buy them at the first sign of waist expansion. With the second baby you wear your regular clothes as long as you can before succumbing to maternity clothes. With your third baby maternity clothes are your regular clothes!" Well, guess which baby this was for me??? One of the problems is that a lot of the styles right now look like they could be maternity clothes! You know what I am talking about, right? And maternity clothes are cut to fit a lot more close to the body, so they don't look like over-sized tents any more. So I found myself pulling out maternity clothes still because they are just more comfortable. Not as much the pants, because the panel is a dead giveaway!

Anyway, here's what I did this week. First, I took all my maternity clothes out of the closet. I folded them all up and set aside the ones that are in season now to go to the resale shop and the ones that are not in season I put in a bin to go on my closet shelf until the resale shop is accepting spring clothing. I also went through my regular clothing. I have currently four sizes of clothing in my closet. The vast majority of it is size 10 or 12. Those are the clothes I wear when I am at my right weight. My size varies depending on the cut of the item, so even at my goal weight, I would keep both. I also have a small selection of 14's and 16's that I kept knowing that I had gained 40 pounds with each of my pregnancies and this one wasn't likely to be different... I went through these and tried them on. I found a few things that even though they fit, they looked bad. These went in the pile to be donated (and any maternity clothes that the resale shop doesn't buy will go here, too.) I had just recently bought new undies, so we were good here. Finally, yesterday I went to Target and bought a few new things. I didn't want to spend too much money since I do hope these won't fit for too long, but I do think it is important to have some things that are beautiful and new now so that I feel good about what I am putting on. When these get too big, I'll donate them as well.

(Maternity Clothes ready to go to the resale shop)

(new shirts)

Last week I had gone through the kids room and together with them we decided on lots of toys that could be donated, so our donation pile is quite large now! It does feel good to get rid of excess clutter! And yes, we do store the things we are ready to donate in a bathtub...

As for progress in general, I really stepped up the exercise this week. I went to the gym three times this week (using the treadmill, elliptical trainer, and weights), did an exercise video at home once, and did miscellaneous exercises (sit ups, push ups...) a couple times, too. I am going to start adding a more challenging exercise video on days I cannot go to the gym next week. Last night, I actually sped the treadmill up enough that I had to jog some! It felt really good to push myself to do enough to really work up a sweat and to get really out of breath. I still have some things to work on with my food, but I am starting to notice a small change in my body. No change on the scale this week, in addition to weighing myself, I took my measurements so that I have more than one way to measure progress.

So that's my Fitness Friday update! To see more Fitness Friday posts from other ladies participating, check out Family Revised!


karly said...

My almost three year old son saw that bathtub and said, "I want all those toys!" I, of course, saw the maternity clothes and thought, "I want all those clothes!" :)

Good job going through your closet, and way to go stepping it up on the treadmill! Looking forward to hearing how the more challenging videos work out for you! :) Have a great week, Johanna!

Mrs W said...

HAHA I'm currently working my way back into maternity clothes after just a couple of months out of them.

Carrie Thompson said...

I think you did great! Getting the maternity clothes out is awesome and a big step! Getting yourself a few new shirts is great too! The purple one with the birds is adorable!

julie said...

Good job purging your closet. I really need to do that. Sounds like you had a very good and productive week.


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

I applaud you for getting rid of all the unused and useless stuff. I did that, too, right before the New Year.

Brenda said...

I am SO impressed!!! You did so much work! Boy it feels good to get all the clutter out of the house, doesn't it?

Wanna come over and help me? :)

(By the way, I fixed your link, that's why you "moved" on the Mr. Linky!)

Megan said...

Nice pile of stuff to get rid of! And so much neater than my donation piles, which usually consist of big black garbage sacks.