Friday, July 3, 2009

Burgers and Fries

The caterpillars are doubling in size every day. Did I already say that?

I made some "burgers and fries" for my Dad's birthday today. He's 58. When did he turn 50 again. I mean, wasn't it just yesterday that he was 45? I found the burgers and fried on Bakerella. Tasty!
Rachel chowing on some cookie fries and frosting ketchup.
My Gramma...she likes burgers and fries.
Lily just wanted to lick up the "ketchup".
Hey, you know my little girls can get me to do many things that I never would do if I were in my right mind? For example: tie dye. Who wears it anymore? It's tacky and ugly, right? Apparently I have lots my rational marbles and I spent the evening tie dying shirts for each of my 5 girls AND myself. I'll have photographic proof tomorrow.


Marie said...

Wow! Those look great! Were they difficult to make?

Johanna said...

Oh, I am so behind! I'm just seeing this! Those look awesome! I had a friend who just made those last week for her teenage son's birthday!

Where's the tie dye picture?

Joanna said...

They weren't difficult to make, only involved baking lots of things.

The tie dye was sort of a bust. The dye bled so instead of red, white and blue shirts, we all have red, purple and blue shirts. BLAH! Oh well, I'll still post a picture. But it's going to have to wait. Because right now I'm going to bed.

Catherine R. said...

Joanna, you have combined two of my favorite things to stuff my face with. Looks like burger/fries tastes like cake? I'm all over it.