Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Oh, The Frustration!

Dear Mommy,

Do you grown up humans have any idea what life is like for me now as a newly mobile human? It's not all it's cracked up to be!

Do you think this look on my face is one of happy contentment? No! It's actually the look I make when I am wondering why my mom is taking the 36th picture of me crawling. You know, Mom, they all look the same! Not only that, you cannot capture the beauty of my movement with a still shot! Where's that video camera you keep saying you should really pull out? Now would be a great time to put it to use!

Plus, you aren't really talking to me the way you used to! Gone is the "Peek-a-boo!" It's all, "No-no!" and "Don't touch!" lately. That combined with the slip-n-slide tile when in pj pants, getting stuck in the corner, hitting my head on every hard surface in the house, and finding out that dead bugs do NOT taste very good, has made the past few weeks a bit of a drag.

One more thing, Mom. Can you please quit running up behind me every time I crawl off and get quiet? You're scaring me half to death!

With all that said, I do have to tell you that being able to chase the cat, follow my brothers while they play, and finding every air vent in the house to run my fingers on and make that really cool sound has been tons of fun!

Your Ever Loving Son,


PS. While I've got your attention, can you lay off the strained peas for a while? I really prefer the mango and nectarine anyway!


Marie said...

Cute post! Andrew is super cute! He is getting so big!

Joanna said...


Wow, Andrew is *really* cute!

Lawanda said...


What an adorable post :)