Monday, July 27, 2009

I am not a purist.

Some people like their coffee pure. Strong. Black. Pure. Not me, though. If it weren't for Coffee-mate flavored creamer, I would not be able to drink coffee.

You see, coffee by itself is bitter! To me, it just doesn't taste good at all. There is nothing sweet about it, or smooth and comforting - just harsh, bitter, dark, and biting.

But a small miracle happens when you pour in some of this creamer. With my yummy creamer, coffee becomes sweet, delicious, comforting, and soothing. (Which, by the way, Belgium Chocolate Toffee is really, really good. Even a purist just might like it!) Without the creamer, the harshness of the coffee is too much to bear, but just a splash of the creamer makes it wonderful. I can still taste hints of the bitterness of the coffee, but they are okay when taken with the sweetness of the creamer.

I think that life is like this coffee. By itself, life is harsh, bitter, and at times cruel. But my Savior knew that I could not handle pure life with no creamer, so he poured splashes of creamer all throughout my life. He gave me his Word to smooth out the harshness of a sinful world. He poured friends into my life to add laughter to each day. He gave me times when my mother stays with my children so I can go shopping without going crazy. He added flowers, rain showers, and singing birds to His creation just for my delight. And, as if these things weren't enough, he added children to my life.

He made sure babies have fat rolls on their knees, because He knew moms would melt at the sight of them. He even made their feet so cute that the cares of the world fade into the background, like a subtle undertone of bitterness when taken with the precious sight of these in the focus.

Have you ever tried straight creamer? It would be overwhelming, but a little touch of it here and there makes everything balance out just right.

This post is part of Metaphor Monday. Go check out Jenni's blog for more!


Jenni said...

Awwwww!! I LOVE this metaphor (partly because I love coffee the same way you do, so I totally relate)!!

This post is the epitome of what I hoped to start with the MM idea...little flashes of depth in the most mundane things. Thanks so much for playing along!


Marie said...

Oh my! Those little toes are the cutest! I've really been into flavored creamer lately. I'll have to try to find Belgian Chocolate Toffee cause that sounds so good! I tried Parisian Almond Creme and it had a strong cinnamon flavor, which I wasn't expecting. Not so good.

Kristen and Dave said...

made me laugh! though I'll respectfully disagree and say that fabulously roasted coffee beans, brewed correctly, produce the most wonderful liquid known to man, and thus should not be tampered with in any way! and I hate any coffee (or coffee drink) that is sweet, though an occasional breve latte splurge is comforting. in a typical day, 4 mugs of beautifully black coffee is the breakfast of champions :-)

Joanna said...

Oh my goodness, excellent metaphor!!

I am totally there with the fat rolls and tiny feet thing, too. Especially today as I've been keeping up with Stellan and he is not doing well. I've been holding my little baby girl and snuggling her and thanking God for all my chocolate caramel creamer.

Joanna said...


LOL. I am, admittedly, an ex-Starbucks barista. *hangs head is (mock) shame* Excellently brewed, quality coffee beans are best consumed shore. Even better in a French press.

Folgers though??? NEEDS cream or something...anything. And four mugs? Yup. And one or two in the afternoon for the post-lunch slump.

And by the way, in referencing chocolate caramel creamer, I am talking about my caramel colored kids and chocolate hued husband...real chocolate caramel creamer? Not so good. I just like 1/2 and 1/2 in my legal, addictive stimulant.

Lawanda said...

Awww!!! ♥

Kristen and Dave said...

its ok, Joanna, my husband is an ex-barrista too, which gives me my coffee elitism. and I just avoid crappy beans like Folgers, but I guess I would cream that up a little if I had to drink it, but never flavors (bleck!). and your kids are adorable.

Joanna said...

Ah ha! I just knew you guys were kindred spirits.

Anonymous said...

I haven't participated in awhile, but I am so GLAD I read the comments, and found your post. Thanks for the uplifting metaphor, and for pictures of knee fat rolls and baby toes. :-)

Anonymous said...

This is my first time visiting your blog and I LOVE this post! So, so true. And I'm SO with you on the flavored creamer thing. Can't do coffee without it. I just bought Coffeemate's Chocolate Raspberry creamer yesterday. First time I've seen it and it was delish - of course. =0)

I'll be back to visit for sure!