Sunday, November 8, 2009


It's rough with super little ones.  It'll be nice when all the kids are old enough to really enjoy it.  We went to Lake Louisa State Park.  It was okay.  Kinda dull...but we had fun anyway.  We went hiking.

Del used the mei tai also.  It was comfortable.  I wore her on my front for a little while, too. 

I just thought this was a really cute picture of Sarah.

Speaking of Sarah, she was the only one who could catch a fish!!  Teeny little bluegill.

This is Lake Hammond.  One of the annoying things about the place was the extremely limited access to the lakes.  The dock we were on here was the only place you could fish from on the entire lake.

Grasshoppers abound.

Butterflies abound also.

Anna making spit at me.

Rachel having fun at the lake beach and Ella contemplating life at the campsite.

That's the beach at Lake Louisa...only you couldn't swim.

Grama and Anna bonding

Ella getting tickled by her dad and grandpa.

The biggest, weirdest ant I've ever seen.  It was about an inch long.  {Added to say: Mom did some research and it turns out it's not an ant at all, it's a wasp called a velvet ant or cow killer wasp...nice.  Good thing we didn't step on it; apparently the sting is quite painful}

Water lilies are some of my favorite flowers.


Johanna said...

What great pictures! We have never gone camping as a family. Jerry is not fond of camping, but with the way Aaron love scouting, he is going to have to learn to like camping! Hehehe.

Joanna said...

Oh my, he needs to live a little. I mean, where else can you eat roasted marshmallows for breakfast with a clean conscience? ;)

Lawanda said...

I enjoy camping. In a camper ;)

I really don't mind the tent, either, as long as it doesn't pour torrents and I am not 7.5 months pregnant!! (My most memorable camping experience) :)

Those are some fantastic pics. You have such cute girlies :)

Tina said...

Looks like fun! We really loved camping this past summer (our first time as a family) and can't wait till it is warm enough to do it again.
Funny - we found one of those 'cow killer' wasps in our front yard in Maryland. Were very interested and looked it up to find out all the info on it. Tried to squish it (I know, I am NOT a friend of nature!) Those things are REALLY tough and won't squish for anything.

Joanna said...

LOL, you guys are so funny. My abs are getting quite a workout from all your funniness.