Monday, November 2, 2009

Mini Post Monday

  • I just love having a rosemary bush in my yard.  Fresh rosemary does wonders for any recipe.  Okay, so brownies might not taste good with rosemary added, but you know what I mean!
  • Have I mentioned here before that allergies are stupid? 
  • Why is it that babies are so much cuter when they're sleeping?
  • We have been having lots of rain this fall, and sadly I have stepped on more than a few snails, unintentionally.  Emotionally, I am a little pained, but I'll recover.  However, the snails do not have as rosy of a prognosis.
  • It will be a sad day for me when Ethan figures out that the word "finger" isn't pronounced "thinger."
  • Behold!  Captain America lives!
  • I ordered a case of pesto today...from  You really can get anything from that place!  Just in case you're wondering why I ordered food from amazon, it is the only pesto I have found with no allergens in it (no cheese, no soybean oil) and the only store near me that carried it decided to discontinue it.  But now I should be set for a long, long while!
  • I ask you, "Don't I have the cutest kids ever???"


Joanna said...

Very very cute.

Step on a few snails for me. Their cousins the slugs are eating my plants here. Ella goes out after a rain, collects over a dozen in a bucket and tosses them in the street for the birds to eat. Aren't I such a resourceful, good and kind mommy?

Lily is considerably cuter sleeping. Especially when she's cuddled up next to me in my big king size bed. She looks so little and peaceful.

I have to tell you that I accidently typed "painful" there instead of "peaceful". Is that some sort of Freudian slip?

Poor Lily, really I love her very much. I just can't wait until she's 4.

Lawanda said...


Oh you Jos.

You crack me up!!!

Ewwww snails. (and slugs!)

I wish I had a rosemary bush! Allergies ARE Stupid, I am so sorry for everything you all have gone through, and I wish I could make it all better :(

It has been so difficult on me, forcing Raechel to learn that Faithy is not pronounced "Faify" :( I cry. I do. But in order to learn to read, she has to figure it out :(

You do have very cute and adorable kids!! :)

And ALL kids are cutest when they are asleep!!

Joanna said...

Oh I know, it's so hard to constantly correct the cute little things they say. Like Lily says, "Mommy, I wanna watch a woowie (movie)." And I always say back, "aaahhh, do you wanna watch a woowie?" and then I have to correct myself. SSSOOOOOOO cute though!

Johanna said...

My other favorite one that I think I am going to miss even more is when Ethan says "glubs" instead of "gloves." My heart just melts when he says, "Mommy, can you help me put on my glubs?" :)

Lawanda said...

Yes!! I love glubs!!! She still said it last year. I guess she'll be saying it right this year.. *sigh*

Woowie is adorable! haha