Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How About a Flower Boost

Yesterday morning we took a field trip to a lady's house whose whole yard is a lovely garden.  She's got all kinds of flowers and plants.  She wrote a book and we've read it and consulted it for our own garden.  She's very nice.

Hmmm, she told me the name but I can't remember.  Darn. {Mom says celocia}


She even gave us cuttings for this but because it doesn't have a common name, only a Latin one, we can't remember what it's called.  Hopefully we can get the cuttings to root because this was our favorite. {Okay, she wrote Mom an email and said it's turnera alata}

Chinese Hat plant; totally cool!!


Once again, dunno, but the flying bee is the best!

Purple Clematis

I really enjoy taking pictures of flowers. They are so much more cooperative than humans.


Marie said...

I love the one at the very top! Cool picture of the bee too!

Grandma said...

One at the top is a celosia! And she just sent me the name of our favorite flower - turnera alata. For inquiring minds who want to know!

Johanna said...

Beautiful pictures!

Meagan said...

lol. Yes flowers are a lot more cooperative than kids, but the kids are way more impaitient, and don't like to wait on the flowers getting their picture taken.

Lawanda said...

Gorgeous pics!