Monday, November 23, 2009

Mini Post Monday

I'm so sorry I missed last Monday's Mini Post.  Our family was so very busy doing incredibly important things that there was truly no way humanly possible to pull it off.  What?  You don't believe that?  Oh, well, give me a minute and I'll come up with another, more believable excuse.  Hold on...I'll come up with it...
  • Although Orange Cream Cappuccino sounds like a yummy treat, do not under any circumstances allow those folks at Hills Bros. trick you into buying some of their mix.  It is not a yummy treat.  It is evil, vile, and nasty.  If you don't believe me, I have a can of it (minus one serving) I could send to you for proof.
  • I haven't had coffee yet this's too early to try to tpye this out without coffee...
  • I'm the mean mom who scheduled her baby's one year check up, complete with shots, on his actual birthday.  At least he got cool bandaids! 
  • And yes, he is trying to put on his socks and shoes here.  He is one of those people that cannot stand to see an object be somewhere it doesn't belong.  Shoes and socks don't belong on the floor without feet, and he cannot rest until those shoes and socks have feet in them.  I completly do NOT relate.
  • Jerry turned 35 this last week.  Here he is showing off the can of beets he got for his birthday.  We are really generous with presents in this house! 
  • I still haven't nailed down my Thanksgiving menu, but I plan to acomplish that today.  There.  If I put it in print, it will happen, right?  On the flipside, I did find a couple of great patterns for handmade Christmas ornaments.  I cannot wait to make some!
  • Isn't my mom pretty?
  • We got to go on our first official Cub Scouts outing recently.  We toured our local Scout campgrounds and got to learn about its history and see all the fun stuff in store for us there!  The pack was so great to include Ethan as if he were actually a Tiger, too. It made the sting of watching his brother get to do something really cool that he isn't old enough for bearable.

(Aaron is the fourth from the right and Ethan is the second from the right - the only one not in a Tiger shirt!)
  • Isn't my baby pretty?


Joanna said...


Lovely mom, lovely baby, lovely mommy of baby.

Marie said...

He is *so* cute! I love that he already likes things to be a certain way. I always find it so amazing that people's personalities come through at such a young age.

Orange Cream Cappuccino does sound good! My favorite drink at Starbucks used to be a Mocha Valencia. But they don't have the Valencia orange syrup anymore.

Jerry looks so happy with his can of beets! He's a lucky man! :)

And thank you so much for your comment on my post about Ana waking up so much at night. It was so helpful since you had different experiences with all of your boys.

Lawanda said...

I agree with Jo!

Ya'll got some good gene-pool going on ;)

I have to ask: A can of beets?!?!?!?!

Johanna said...

Lawanda - I am surpirsed that you are the first to ask about the can of beets. He also got a can of olives and some green beans. He had only gift cards and books on his wish list, so I wanted to wrap some stuff up in ways that he wouldn't know as soon as he looked at the package what was in it. So a few cans in a box with a gift card was my solution! He actually got gift cards to Home Depot (from my parents), itunes (from Ethan), and books (from Aaron, Andrew, and me). Aren't we clever? :)

Marie - I never mind sharing my experiences. I don't know if they'll help much because every baby is just so different. But at the very least, it helps knowing that you are not the only one going through these things!

Joanna - thank you! You're quite lovely yourself! :)

mary said...

Your baby is pretty. And don't worry. I am a mom that schedules my kids (shots and all) on their birthdays. It's the only way I can remember when it is.

Lawanda said...

Aahhhhh! You crazy clever girl!! :)

Joanna said...

So, are you trying to say that Jerry LIKES canned beets? Because, um...that's a LIKING BRUSSEL SPROUTS!!! You guys are weird!!