Friday, March 7, 2008

California Judge Outlaws Homeschooling

Its getting scarey around here.

Chritian Examiner online has an article about what happened.

Sign On San Diego has an article.

The Jeubs have a post on their blog.

I'm going to sign the petition that HSLDA has out to get the judge's opinion depublished.

See HSLDA's information on it.


Johanna said...

I had seen this and I told Jerry that it is so scary to me that one judge can do this. I understand that some social workers or judges can really feel like they are working in the best interest of the child if the education that is being provided at home is sub-par. However, if they would focus on getting the educatioin in the public schools up to par, I would imagine that about half of the people who homeschool now would fee better about using the public schools. I think that because people are homeschooling now for so many reasons other than religious conviction.

I also signed the petition. It is so funny to me, because a year and a half ago, the thought of homeschooling wasn't even on my radar! Now I would be very willing to fight for it to continue.

Oh, and I found it funny that the one legal group mentioned that homeschooling in California was basically unregulated! If California is unregulated, then Texas must be a free for all! I don't even have to keep track of how many days I school, notify the state of my choice, or keep grades if I don't want to! Of course since Aaron isn't even of the age of compulsory education, that is even more of a moot point...

Joanna said...

wow! i so want to move to texas. sometimes del and i think that the reason we've put in an offer on two houses now and it hasn't worked out is because we're supposed to be texas. it's so hard to know what to do.

Johanna said...

Interesting thought on the houses. I'll pray that God makes it clear. He has answered our prayers that way before. When we were considering our in-neighborhood move, we picked out the perfect house and called the realtor twice to view it. We never received a call back. We took that as God's confirmation to lay that desire down.

I will really try to not pray, "God, I want Joanna here. Send her here. Now. Yesterday. Amen." :) It will be hard, but I'll try!