Saturday, March 15, 2008

Heard In My House Today

Rachel is bad at colors. Today I was working with her on this. I showed her a red Lego and reapeated "red" several times then asked her to go get me a red Lego. She runs back to her room and returns a bit later with a green Lego and pronounces, "white." So, I tell her no that's green and ask her to get me a red Lego. She runs off again (Rachel doesn't really walk) and comes back with a black Lego and says, "blue." Once again, I tell her no and give her the correct name for the color. This goes on for quite some time before she gets bored with the game and does something else.

This evening she wanted to play with a blue ball that Lily was playing with. We told her no and she was upset about not having a ball to play with so Del went and got her a pink tennis ball that we gave the girls for Christmas. She very slowly walks by me staring at the ball and saying, "I got a ball. I got a new ball. I got a ball. I got a PINK ball."

How's that for a girl for ya?


Johanna said...

Yeah, Rachel! And some people think that boys and girls are born essentially the same and we condition them to like pink and dolls or blue and trucks!! Those people clearly never had kids!

Lawanda said...

All my girls were fond of pink or yellow! :) My Raechel (who is three) is just getting the hang of her colors and Pink was one of the first she recognised! :)

Joanna said...

Wow. She still really likes pink. It's interesting to read this now, considering her eye issues.