Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Activities

This is the first year that we've really done any "Easter Activities" at our house. Last year we were in Germany over Easter and had the joy of being with my grandmother at Easter. It was wonderful! We had bunny shaped bread for breakfast (bought from her local bakery), colored and hunted Easter eggs in her kitcen, went to her church (didn't understand much...), then to a traditional German lunch of lamb. That afternoon, we made some Easter crafts and went on a nature walk in the forest to find some branches to hang them on. We found some blueberry plants that had already budded and cut them. My grandmother told us after we left, they bloomed! It was really wonderful doing all of that with her. My boys actually remember most of that, which is amazing to me considering their ages, so I decided to make some of it traditional here. So here is some of what we did (if blogger will let me post all the pictures...):

colored Easter eggs

made bunny shaped Easter rollsopened Easter baskets

hunted for Easter eggs

"I want to find more eggs!"

I wonder if doing all of the bunny stuff takes away from learning about the real reason for Easter. We did talk about all of it. I even got to explain how the egg is a picture of the trinity (all one egg but three distinct parts) to Aaron. I heard someone say that each year they do all the "traditional" Easter stuff on the first day of spring and keep Easter Sunday about the resurrection. In theory I like that. I don't know if it will become our practice or not, though. We'll see.

He is Risen!


Joanna said...


wow, that's awesome. you guys were busy! i'll try to get some pictures up soon.

Joanna said...

those bunny buns are totally cute!