Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Things I've Been Meaning To Post About

I got new shoes several weeks ago. I think I'm becoming something other than the alterna-chick I was so many years ago. My poor Chucks are lonely. I might wear them more often if they were cool blue plaid like these. And if I didn't have to tie them. I hate tying shoes. Aren't they cute?

I made this skirt for Easter. I like it but I have to wear a slip with it so I might add a liner to it so when the wind blows it doesn't show off my lacy slip-that-I-bought-for-$5-that-will-no-doubt-die-after-just-three-washes. I'm going to make another skirt out of this pattern because I like it so much.

Last night I got out my iron, ironing board, spray bottle, a whole boat-load of shirts and some pants to iron and found a television show I could watch while ironing. I plugged in the iron and IT WAS BROKEN. Argh! So, while I was doing school with the girls this morning Del ran out and got me a new iron. I just assumed that he would get another $20 version that lasted us nearly 10 years (the secret it to use a spray bottle and not put water in the iron itself) but my beloved came home with a Rowenta. Yes, it's true. He entered Joann's himself and bought me a Rowenta. He is so thoughtful. Let me just say how blessed I am to have him as my husband. I know it's just an iron, but there was so much love in the gesture and a heart to please me. I love him, in case you didn't know that or couldn't tell.
Tonight I will iron furiously with my new lovely iron and watch Top Chef. Is it 8 o'clock yet? I can't remember ever in my life looking forward to ironing.

I was pretty sure there were some other things I wanted to post about but I can't remember. I'll write them down next time.


Johanna said...

Wow! Go Del! I don't think Jerry has ever braved JoAnn's by himself...nor will he, if I had to guess! I find that ironing is only possible with some other entertaining activity going on at the same time. I skype my friend Maria in Germany every Tuesday afternoon. Since I talk on my headset through the computer, my hands are free so I iron, iron, iron. Sometimes I iron in front of the TV too, but then I catch myself watching, and not getting the ironing done as quickly...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes. I should post the shoes I just bought too. I am really into those slip on canvas shoes right now. Okay, I am into any shoes all the time, but I am really, really into slip on canvas shoes. I like them because they are comfortable, practical, easy to put on and off, and feminine. Where did you get yours?

I have been wanting to make a skirt lately, too. That one is realy cute. I looked at the pattern when you posted the one you made for your mom on the other blog. I just cannot do wrap-around skirts though, because it is always too windy here. I don't care to let the world see my tuchus so much!

Joanna said...

yeah i have a problem with the wind showing off my stuff, too.

i got the shoes at target. even at a size 5 they are slightly too big for me and i looked at the little girls section and all their shoes like this had barbie or bratz plastered all over them. i think i may check out payless sometime although they tend to have a dismal size 5 section.