Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mathematics Trouble

I notice that a lot of people that are doing a classical style education with their kids do Singapore math. I'm under the impression that you do this, too. I am currently doing Right Start math with the abacus. I am having some serious trouble with this. The instructions are so complicated. I wish I could show you their instructions for telling time. It's so complicated that I get overwhelmed and then don't want to do math at all and here we are just teaching telling time. I often stall and stall and stall and we end up a couple of weeks behind. Much of what Ella is good at in Math is because Del gets a hold of her once a month and drills it in. Somehow he just gets it and doesn't need any sort of instruction on how one teaches math. I feel like I'm drowning. AND ITS JUST TELLING TIME!!!

What is it about Singapore math that you like? Where can I get a sample of it?


Joanna said...

...maybe i just need to move past the telling time lesson. she's already pretty good at it and maybe she's bored.

Johanna said...

I do use Singapore. You can view samples on the sonlight web site. Go to sample pages and you can click on the general level you wish to view in the yellow sidebar to the right. I do like it, and I plan to continue it. I think I will suppliment it though.
There isn't a lot to each lesson. I think that in future levels, you can buy supplimental workbooks, but not at the lower levels. I like Singapore because it has a lot of word problems and mental math. It is also very inexpensive. I am still looking at what I will suppliment with...I'll let you know when I find it!