Thursday, September 25, 2008

Homeschooling With They Might Be Giants

One of my favorite bands over the years was always They Might Be Giants. I don't listen to them so much anymore because they don't have lyrics that always line up with my Christian worldview. Still, it's a lot of fun to take a trip down memory lane and listen to some classics...alternative classics...from the late 80's/early 90's. Ha ha ha, that's funny.

Anyway, we are currently studying the early Middle Ages in history. This is the time when the Roman Empire was split into the Eastern and Western Roman Empire and Constantinople became the capital of the Eastern Roman/Byzantine Empire. Do you know where I'm going with this yet?

Today Ella kept calling Constantinople Canterbury for some reason. I could not get her to stop referring to the capital of the Byzantine Empire as a small town in Britain. Then it occurred to me!!! Check it out.

She hasn't gotten it wrong since we listened to the song several times and she says she can't get the song out of her head. It's hilarious. I *love* homeschooling! I can't wait to study the sun in- depthly in science; then we can listen to this song.

I might be losing my mind here, but how about this one! It's short, just watch it.

Then there's always Mammal, The Mesopotamians and maybe but not quite Particle Man.


Marie said...

Those are great! I'd heard the one about the sun before, I think on the Disney channel. But, I didn't listen to them growing up. I wasn't that cool :)

Johanna said...

What a fun way to learn! That is a major advantage to homeschooling, isn't it? My kids were glued to the computer while I was watching, and they really do absorb things in song. Aaron asked, "We need its heat?" while the sun song was on. Just another example why we must watch what our kids listen to!!!

Joanna said...

Yeah, must be careful about what they listen to. That's why Partical Man isn't so good since it's sort of pointless and they swear once. It's funny though. But the ones that I embedded are pretty darn good, I think.

Grandma said...

This was so cool! I didn't even know those were on the internet. I'd heard the Constantinople song before but what would possess TWBG to make a song about the sun? And ahem....WEST XYLOPHONE? I was hoping for the second verse they'd come up with another set of ABC nations. Could have had SOUTH QUILT or something!
Hey, Jo, send me the links for these: Mammal, The Mesopotamians and maybe but not quite Particle Man.