Monday, September 8, 2008

Life Happens

You know what I love first thing in the morning? A good toilet overflow. You know, the kind that only happens in older homes where there are tree roots growing into the pipes on our property, so when one toilet gets backed up, all the toilets and tubs and sinks start to gurgle and bubble and release a wonderful aroma of sewer gas? Yeah, that kind. The really great thing is that just yesterday we repaired the faucet in our boy's bathtub. It had come off and so it was tricky to turn on and off the water (though, not impossible). Today, I have a cleaning service coming out for the first time to clean since I am not able to do it right now, so we thought last night that we should super glue the faucet back on so that the cleaning ladies could actually clean the tub. Details, details.... Well, since "water" backed up into their tub (thank goodness it's getting cleaned today) I thought I should at least rinse it out. I found that the super glue worked. Really. Well. No water is coming out of that faucet any time soon! Wonder how they're going to clean the tub with no running water???

Happy morning to ya! Hope your morning is less eventful than mine!


Lawanda said...

Oh NO! I hope you get all your plumbing troubles fixed! I hate plumbing troubles!

Joanna said...

LOL! Wow, that is quite a morning.

Mrs. Amy Brigham said...

Do we have the same evil toilet?? Mine overflowed two weeks ago in the middle of the night! *shudders* Mine wasn't as *amazing* as yours though! I hope you get everything pristine and pretty again very soon :o(