Friday, April 16, 2010

Getting To Know Aaron

Aaron created this book during his "nap" time the other day.  He doesn't really take a nap, but he has to stay in his bed for a set time each afternoon and read, do school work, listen to music, play legos, whatever...but I need a bit of peace, so into bed they all go.  Anyway, I found this and it is just priceless!  Here's the front cover:

I Like and I Don't Like
Notice the proper apostrophe placement.  That's my boy.  Okay, so there is a capitalization issue and his spelling of "yuck" is a bit lacking, but hey, the kid's in 1st grade, alright?

I don't like school
Funny.  He says this all the time, but during school, he smiles and asks me to do more than I have scheduled a lot of days.  Oh, and the idea for this very book came from an art booklet we school.

I don't like nap.
Too bad, buster.  I *love* nap, so you lose on this one.

I don't like ties.
It starts young, people.

I don't like thro up.
Oh, man! Me neither.  The funny thing about this is that he caused me more throw up than any of my other children while still in utero, so I consider his throw up to be cosmic payback, baby!

I don't like geting hurt.
Awwww.  I'm sorry.

I don't like LDA.
You and me both, son.

But never fear!  It is not all negative.  Here is the flip side.

I like ice cream.
My tongue likes it more than my hips.

I like Tee ball.
You're pretty good at it, too!

I like Toy Story.
The funny thing about this is that he's never seen all of Toy Story...

I like art.
Doesn't this conflict a bit with the "I don't like school." thing?

I like Legos.
I *don't* like stepping on minute, clear Legos stuck in the carpet in unlikely places!

I like Oregon.
You are your mother's son.

How awesome is that for insight into a child?


Joanna said...

Wow! That is REALLY cool!!!

I tried instituting quiet time around here but I'm no good at enforcing. Nevertheless...never-the-less...never the less...hmmm, this next school year will contain and I will enforce QUIET TIME for the love of Pearl. Hopefully.

Grandma said...

And for the sanity of Joanna!

Marie said...

Very cute!

I'm, unfortunately, no good at enforcing quiet time either. I'll probably try harder to make it work with the younger two after Caleb goes to school though. They can't possibly be as difficult about it as Caleb.... I hope.

Meagan said...

well, I have managed to keep it going around here.... Here is my solution. I took the girl room and kidproofed their door.... kids go potty beforehand and all kids go in the same room. Savannah sometimes has to call me in, because Zoe is in that I am going to take my diaper off stage, but otherwise they can play or do whatever they want for an hour.... usually, right about the time I could let them up, both climb into bed together and fall asleep... ahhhh true peace for another hour and a half....Now that they are used to it being kidproofed they have stopped trying to even get out.

Stacey said...

So cute!