Saturday, April 3, 2010

Reflections on Easter

Last night, my family went to the Good Friday service at our church.  I had been reflecting on what Christ's death and resurrection really meant for me for a while already, and during the service I became overwhelmed by how great a sacrifice He made for me.  Our society thinks that man is basically good.  People think that if they are just "good people," it is enough to get through this life and "if" there is an afterlife, to get to heaven.  I don't understand this feeling that man is basically good.  Even thinking back to my earliest memories, I know I have sinned.  I know that I have lied.  I have been intentionally mean and rude to other people.  I know I have thought inappropriate thoughts full of hatred or lust.  I have been gluttonous.  I have yelled at my kids to satisfy my own anger.  I have been rebellious against authority in my life.  If God really is perfect, and He is, how can I even begin to be good enough to approach Him?  It is a real problem.

You know, God didn't have to do anything to fix this problem for me.  But because He loves the imperfect people He created, he wanted to fix that problem.  Even when I didn't know of my need, or even want to be right with God, He showed me the ultimate love by providing a restored relationship with Him through the death and resurrection of His son, Jesus.  Wow.  I wouldn't give any one of my sons to save you, and I have three of them.  God gave his only one in order to save me.  Because Jesus was willing to take on the guilt of all my sins, of all the ugly things I have done or thought, I can approach God.  I can relate to God as a perfect father, and run to him with all my joys and sorrows just as a young girl runs to her earthly father with things crying, "Daddy, Daddy!  Look at this!" 

I think it is good to think about the enormity of this sacrifice and grieve the fact that it was my sin that required this sacrifice.  The grief I feel when I think of it motivates me to have a true relationship with God and to try to know Him more and serve Him more.  A few months ago, I wrote this poem when I was struggling with sin in my own heart and reflecting on how God still loves me, still accepts me, and still forgives me - despite my sin - because I have accepted His son and the sacrifice He made for me.  I hope it will mean something to you, as it has meant so much to me.


Sometimes this world calls out to me,
Tempting me with all its sparkle and shine –
The diamonds are glass, the gold an imitation for fools.

And yet I listen.
“It will be pleasurable!”
“You will be powerful!”
“It will bring you comfort!”
“It’s no big deal!”

And yet I listen.
The temptation conceives and gives birth to sin
And the blackness overcomes me.
My strength turns to weakness.
My flesh gives in and I feel myself
Falling under its weight –

But my Savior rushes in –
Christ Jesus is his name!
My Savior lifts me up and washes away my shame!
He sets me on high places and renews my strength.
He bestows upon me mercy and grace –
And I rise under its weight.

My God is mightier than sin!
My God is mightier!
My God is mighty!
Holy is His Name.


Grandma said...

I really appreciated this, Johanna. The enormity of His sacrifice for us when we were not even conscious of our need is mind-blowing. And I loved your poem - I found myself reading it "Falling, Falling, Fallen." Thanks for sharing this on this most meaningful weekend.

donna said...

wow...last night's service moved me in a similar way--must be a God thing! The poem is beauftiful, Johanna, thanks for sharing it...

Stacey said...

Absolutely touching! Thanks for sharing.