Thursday, April 1, 2010

Things That Really Chap My Hide

This won't be the most positive post I've ever written, as you  might have guessed from the title; but I have noticed that there are some things that regularly bother the living daylights out of me.  Whatever that means.  Anyway, I thought I might just turn it into a Top Ten Thursday post!  So here goes...

10. When my boys put stickers on random objects that they know they are not supposed to add stickers to.  Of course, they never really come off well, either.

9. When bananas go bad long before they can be eaten.  This didn't bother me when I could just whip up some banana bread with them, but the no wheat/rotate egg/rotate banana thing kicked in, that just wasn't much of an option anymore.

8. The airline's new(ish), rediculous weight restrictions on suitcases that make it impossible to actually fill a suitcase all the way without it going over the weight limit.

7.  Stainless steel.  If anyone had told me just how hard it is to keep stainless steel polished and free from water marks and finger prints, I never would have filled my kitchen with it!

6.  The way boys keep their dresser drawers.  No matter how many times I show these kids how to keep the clothes neatly folded in piles, their drawers look like this in a matter of hours.

5.  Getting beat in Scrabble, especially by someone who looks this happy about it after the fact!

4.  Ants.  Enough said.  (And yes, that ant is on my kitchen counter.  He was there with about 18 of his buddies the other morning.  I killed all his friends before taking his picture.  Then it was off with his head as well.  Bwaahaaahaaahhaaa!)

3.  When dishes pile up immediately after I wash them.  Why does no one else in this house wash dishes???

2.  Saying goodbye to people I love.  Joanna doesn't look any happier about this one than me...

1.  Kids who continue to grow up no matter how many times you tell them to stop!


Joanna said...

Oh my gosh. You are sooooo stinkin' funny!!!!!

I hear you on #s 10, 6, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

As for #5 - pthbbbbbbbbbbbt.

And um, notice all my applicance were white and not the en vogue stainless steel. The might as well have called it "cleanless steel" instead.

Stacey said...

Very funny...I was laughing as I read down the list.

Meagan said...

Just so you know, banana bread freezes well, as well as mack nice popcicles. So even if you can't eat them fresh this time around you could always freeze them.

Grandma said...

This was very funny but oh, so very true - all of them. The pic of Joanna as unhappy as you to say goodbye was hilarious.