Monday, April 12, 2010


After five girls, I can hardly believe we're having a boy.  We laughed so hard that we will name him Isaac. 
*I took out the boy part picture; I just couldn't handle it.*
She gave us some 4D picture, too.


Johanna said...

I am still full of laughter. His name will always mean something so special to you guys. However, poor boy will have 6 mothers - maybe 7 if you count your mom since she is so involved. Poor, poor Isaac. :)

May God bless you all richly and may Isaac provide an abundance of laughter in your life for years and years to come!

Lawanda said...


You have given me hope girl! ;)I am telling Kevin asap! ;)


Joanna said...

LOL! Lawanda, you crack me up!

Meagan said...

Mike says God help that boy.... five sisters!

Meagan said...

Wow, congrats. Now you get to load up on all the blue stuff too. And Just think, he may just be the luckiest boy alive.... he gets his own room while all those girls have to share.... LOL... now you'll have to try for another boy just so he doesn't end up spoiled by his own room....

Just kidding. Congrats though, that is really great news.