Thursday, April 22, 2010


Spunky sure does have a couple of interesting posts up about a couple of pieces ABC did on unschooling.  I'm definitely not an unschooler; I need more direct proof that the kids are learning things I think they need to what nouns and verbs are and the logic behind math.  I don't think unschooling should be illegal though.  More government intervention is hardly going to improve the state of education in America.  I think the government should spend its time worrying about its own sorry educational system than stick its oar in to the homeschooling and unschooling crowd.

Clips (There are two; I found the second one at the ABCNews website)

Spunky's take


Johanna said...

I'm not sure I agree with unschooling, but again, I know I don't agree with more government involvement in what we can and cannot teach our children. I do think that unschooling taken to the extreme is not fair to the children. It may be too late once they realize what they have missed or wish they had learned.

Joanna said...

I agree, Johanna, which is why I wouldn't unschool my kids. But, depending on how they do unschooling, they may expose their kids to more stuff than I do. Who am I to say that that kind of education is unfair to someone else's kid. They might think it's unfair that I homeschool. I know the NEA thinks it's unfair that I homeschool my kids, and I certainly don't want them dictating to me how I educate my kids. Pretty soon the government will be giving us a menu of what we must feed our kids for breakfast lunch and dinner. Once you open the door a crack then they know no bounds. I think if you want to feed your kids rice and beans for three meals a day every day, then you should be allowed to do it, no matter how nutritionless I think it is. Same with education. If you think unschooling is good enough for your kids, then go for it. They're your kids and as long as you're not taking away their life (like murder) or physically abusing them, then...who am I to say?

Lawanda said...

Yeah, and as Jamie Oliver revealed, the school system wouldn't know a decent nutritionally balanced meal if it was cooked for them by a star chef and served on a silver platter!! lol

I agree, I would not be able to parent that way, but I agree with most of the premises of unschooling, in that I believe if a child WANTS to learn how a wall is built, and they are told they need algebra to do it, they WILL pick up the algebra book and learn it and you wouldnt be able to stop them!

On the other hand, forcing EVERY single kid to learn algebra, possibly suffer humiliation because they just do not get it, how can that be good?? Ya know??

There is a moderate way to have the best of both worlds, and I am very happy that I still have the freedom to pursue happiness and the liberty to do as I see fit for my kids, since I know them better than anyone else on earth!!!